Bon Jovi could be considered as the most successful band from the 1980’s. This is because no other band has remained massive after surviving three decades in the currently discerning music industry. The band is definitely the best music group that has hailed from New Jersey. It’s 2013 and the band has released a new album. It is time for What About Now by Bon Jovi album review.

This CD is Bon Jovi’s 12th album. It serves as an improvement in specific aspects of the last two albums from the group. It sounds more like another Bon Jovi release, something that would please the group’s loyal fans from other decades. However, not all music critics like the band’s brand of music.

Overall, Bon Jovi is sticking with its tried and tested formula. Its tracks are socially aware and politically correct, which try to exude conscious efforts to continuously reach out to old and new followers. The group definitely knows how to relate to its fans. Among the outstanding tracks in the album are as follows:

Because We Can’ is perfect as the opening track for the album. That is because it is full of infectious and optimistic lyrics. Bon Jovi knows that this is the group’s tried and tested formula, which helped it sell over 130 million albums in the past 30 years.

Pictures of You’ sounds like a throwback song to the 1980s. After listening to the track, you would surely agree that it has sound and vibe that is definitely reminiscent of that particular decade. As an added bonus, Richie Sambora showcases his excellent lead guitar talent in this song.

What’s Left of Me’ may sound like an ordinary Bon Jovi track. But it has adopted a country vibe in it. Such subtle touches go far in an album, which seems to go all over the place.

Army Of One’ is definitely a self-help anthem from the band. It doesn’t sound like a duplicate melody of any other Bon Jovi song. Instead, there is a completely different feel to this song. The army style drumming is complemented by a gospel touch and repeating chorus that may play in your mind over and over again.

Thick as Thieves’ is a quintessential ballad from Bon Jovi. Loyal fans from the 1980s would certainly find this song the easiest and fastest to connect to among all the group’s classic ballads. It has lyrics that are heartfelt and definitely easy to listen to.

The Fighter’ is another acoustic anthem. It is melancholic by all means and is set to strike a chord with every listener. Don’t be deceived by the title as it is not a hard-rock anthem. This title reflects victory over adversity. The song has an underlying message: overcome struggles with a strong resolve.

Overall, this album is not the one to top all albums for 2013. But it has managed to dominate the albums charts even for just several weeks. For Bon Jovi fans, it is still another treat from their favorite group.


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