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The Next Day is twenty fourth studio albums by the renowned English musician David Bowie. The album was released in March 2013 under the label of Columbia Records. Bowie announced its launch on his sixty sixth birthdays. The album was produced by David Bowie himself and Tony Visconti.

The album was recorded in secret for a long time. The producer once said that Bowie would record one song and then go on to exploring the streets and would return after some time to record the tracks again. Once a gap so long came that they didn’t hear anything form the singer for almost four months and the recording had been suspended in those days.  All the songs of the album were reordered and sung by Bowie himself; he didn’t invite any of the other artists from the music industry as expected.

The singer Bowie kept the recording of the album a total secret and changed the studio at times whenever anybody came to knew that he was recording over there. He also changed the studio when someone from the place announced or leaked the information of him being recording over there. He just one day before reached on to the Colombia records and asked for a contract to be signed for the release of the album.

The cover of the album has been taken from his own album “Heroes” which was released in 1977. It was one of his best albums ever sold so he took the cover of it and molded it to the newer one to go with this album.

The album is fifty three minutes long having fourteen songs in it. The songs include “The Next Day”, “The dirty boys “, “The stars”, “Love is lost”, “Where are we now”, “Valentine’s day”, “If you can see me”, “I’d rather be high”, “Boss of me”, “Dancing out in space”, “How does the grass grow”, “Set the world on fire” and  “Heat”. It has two bonus tracks as well which are included in the Japanese version and the deluxe version.

The album got acclaimed from the critics after its released and got the reviews from average to above average level. The critics called the album to be bold, beautiful and metallic for the music lovers. Another thing as that was added that Bowie has brought the flavor of the rock and roll music of the 80s back by the help of this album.

The album has come after a long wait, when people have started saying of Bowie’s retirement. But he has again surfaced and this time he has done in a quiet impressive manner.  His manner is serene, romantic yet forcing the listener to go with the flow of the songs. The listeners would certainly enjoy this lovely piece of art. The album is exciting and romantic; it has shown the true talent of the artist and has announced that the artist surely has so much to offer  yet.


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