It is not surprising to encounter a good Native by OneRepublic album review. The third CD from the band is a tour de force amalgamation of almost all major trends in modern pop music. It sounds like another compilation from the group. But if you would closely listen to the entire album, you would realize that the band has strived to sound different and better.

Indeed, OneRepublic has succeeded in producing another masterpiece. In this CD, listeners would observe how the group’s sound has progressed and how the band is still capable of adapting to the preferences of music followers without compromising and ditching its signature sound.

Feel Again’ was the perfect promotional single released from the album. The song provides an audio glimpse about what the CD is all about. The synths used indicate the band’s effort to try out a new and exciting sound. Big drums and hand-clapping beats complete the chorus, which takes us to the dance-oriented side of the group.

The lead single of the CD, ‘If I Lose Myself’ is considered by many as the best track in the album. It is accompanied by contagious keyboard riff. The catchy chorus is followed by a breakdown, which is also infectious. Prior to the end of the track, a choral chant gets in to provide a more original sound. This song is a proof that OneRepublic is always ready to wow a larger scale of audience.

Many music critics are putting their bets in several other tracks in the album. ‘Burning Bridges’ has an outstanding chorus, making it a remarkable breakup anthem. Some say it would be the perfect second single as it could appeal more to the mature demographics because it sounds less pop.

Life in Color’ exudes a fun atmosphere. As a single-worthy song, it is appropriate to be used as a theme for movies or TV shows that highlight triumphant moments. ‘Counting Stars’ reminds us of the group’s acoustic and pop rock history. It features distinct harmonica background as an introductory instrumental.

What You Wanted’ sounds like a strategic track customized to be included in the Top 40 mainstream list. It could be released as a promising single that is aimed at drawing attention of more listeners.

Are you looking for the most unique song in the album? ‘Can’t Stop’ showcases the lead vocalist’s falsetto. The chorus could easily remind us of some of the popular songs from Justin Timberlake. ‘Preacher’ and ‘Au Revoir’ are distinct power ballads. The album’s personality is affirmed by the songs ‘Something I Need,’ ‘I Lived,’ and Light It Up. ‘Don’t Look Down’ sounds like ‘Mylo Xyloto’ by Coldplay. It served its purpose as the closing track of the CD.

Overall, Native by OneRepublic album review articles are mostly describing the CD as impressive and ambitious. In terms of lyrics used, the words are more typical and less inventive. But there surely are meaningful moments that inspire the listeners every now and then. It is safe to assert that this CD is the group’s best album yet.


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