They Might be Giants are a Brooklyn based Rock group. They have released their 16th studio album by the name of Nanobots.  The album was released in March 2013 under the label of Idlewild Recordings. Before the official release of this album many of its songs were released for its promotion and its digital version was also released for the promotional purpose as well. The album was recorded at Manhattan.

 The album is forty four minutes long having 25 tracks.  The tracks include “You’re on fire”, “Nanobo’s”, “Black ops”, “Lost my mind”, “Circulate Karate crop”, “Call you r mom”, “Tesla”, “Sleep”, “Stone cold coup d’état”, “Sometimes a lonely way”, “Destroy the past”, “9 secret steps”, “Hive mind”, “Decision makers”, “Nouns”, “There”, “Insect Hospital”, “Tick”, “Replicate”, “The Darlings of Lumber land”, “Great”, “Stuff is way”, “Icky”, “Too tall girl”, and “Don’t kill me”.

An Australian bonus CD was released after the album’s release;the disc contained seven bonus tracks which were recorded live. There are seven tracks in the bonus cd.

The lead vocals are given by John Linnell who has also written the songs and played keyboard, bass and saxophones. John Flansberg is the other vocalist and the lead guitarist, songwriter and key boarder. Along with both of these there were many additional musicians who helped in the band.

The album has forty five songs but some of them are really short ones.  According to the lead singer the shooter songs will be like a new experience for the listeners and will be different from many others.  John Linnell said that the songs were natural ones and suited more in the shorter forms.

Although some of the critics of the music industry said that the songs are hyper arranged and the addition of so many songs in one album has given a jumbled up look.The album also got average reviews through the ratings. The album made a debut on the 57th place on the billboard 200. The songs of the album were also aired on the albums.

The album has a great cover photo featuring a painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres of a royal princess. All the songs weather they are the longer ones or the shorter ones make sense and have a unique story to them. The shorter songs complement the longer ones and come as fresh breadth among the longer ones.

The mixing of these smaller songs with the longer ones is very fine and has produced to catch the attention of the listeners. The greatest quality of this album is that the listener can to get bored of the songs and the album itself.

The presentation of songs with a feat music has served to be the greatest component for the album’s success. The intensifying music and nicely written lyrics are the plus among many things in this album. The album is available for sale in market and online as well on the official site of the band.


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