Aerosmith is unique because as a band from the 1970s, it has acquired many titles through the past decades. The group has been referred to as ‘The Bad Boys from Boston,’ ‘The Arena Rock Gods of the 1970s,’ and ‘Rock N’ Roll’s Dysfunctional Family.’ No one could deny that the band has become one of the rock institutions of America.

Aerosmith has tried its best to cover up to four decades in the album. You may be amazed at the numerous music styles that the band exhibited in this CD. You are given the option to choose the best track that you think best suits your own discerning taste and preference. Here are some of the outstanding songs from that album.

LUV XXX’ features an intro that is reminiscent of the ‘Twilight Zone.’ The song throws the listeners to a ride going to another dimension. Prepare to be taken back to the 1990s, when Aerosmith was sounding gritty and raunchy with its unique drum style, audible bass line, and outstanding guitar riff from Joe Perry. The lyrics may have shortcomings but the instrumentation makes up for those.

Beautiful’ highlights vocalist Steven Tyler’s singing and rapping style. His vocal showcase is accompanied by Perry’s aggressive guitar riff. Most listeners think this song is the standout track in the album. If you are familiar with the band’s albums in the 1990s, it would easier to relate to this song.

Out Go the Lights’ embarks the band in a totally different sound. It is meaty and bluesy, the basic elements of a sure-fire monster hit. Most loyal fans would surely appreciate this stuff. To many of the band’s loyal followers, this song has the potential to become the quintessential classic hit of Aerosmith circa 1970s.

Legendary Child’ was used as the teaser track for the album prior to its release. The bluesy guitar riff was complemented by the effective lyrics. It gives a sense of nostalgia, which displays craftsmanship. Critics think that the album would have been better if all its songs sound this way.

What Could Have Been Love’ is a ballad layered by acoustic and electric guitars. The choice of lyrics is among the most outstanding in the whole album. The verses sound simply fantastic. Fans agree that this song reminds them of the band’s first No. 1 hit ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.’

Can’t Stop Lovin’ You’ showcases Tyler’s country style vocals. Carrie Underwood appears in the song. The track provides diversity. Its slick production makes it an ideal choice for a single. It sounds as if this song was written and produced to please ‘American Idol’ viewers. Tyler must have brought something from the show after his two-year stint as one of its judges.

Aerosmith fans should buy and enjoy this album. No one can tell if this could be the last from the band. The group is currently facing challenges regarding its contract with Columbia Records and the arising health issues of Tyler.


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