Muse – Madness



  • Song Name: Madness
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Muse
  • Featuring:
  • Produced By: Chris Wolstenholme, Dominic Howard & Matthew Bellamy
  • Album Name: The 2nd Law
  • Release Date: August 20, 2012
  • Genre: Electronic, Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Rock
  • Record Label:
  • Written By: Matthew Bellamy
  • Performance: Peaked at No.
  • Sampled In: 
  • Cover By:
  • Remixed By:

Muse – Madness Review

English alternative rock group Muse is making itself felt in the music scene, thanks to its sixth CD, ‘The 2nd Law.’ These days, the band is hitting music charts once more with ‘Madness,’ the second single released from its latest album.

Interestingly, the song has enjoyed the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s alternative hits list for–hold your breath–16 weeks! As if commercial success is not enough, it also earned the group a nomination for the Best Rock Song in the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Luckily, it earned more critical praise than rants. The song may have provoked a mixture of emotional reactions from Muse’s fan base but it never failed to make noise. Most reviewers agree that it is definitely a brilliant song that ‘tames the shark.’ The single is credited for making the band one of the biggest rock groups in the world.

However, many influences are evident in the track. It may remind you of ‘I Want to Break Free’ by Queen and George Michael’s ‘I Want Your Se*’ and ‘Faith.’ Some identify the hints of several Depeche Mode hits especially because it is sweet, calm, and languid. Overall, the song provides good listening experience.

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