The Messenger is the first album by solo artist Johnny Marr.  He was one of the members of the bad The Smiths.  This album was released in early 2013 by Warner Bros Records.  This album has 12 tracks which include “The right thing right” , “I want the heartbeat”, “Upstarts”, “European Me”, <The messenger”, “Lockdown”, “Generate”, “Sun and moon”, “The crack up”, “Say demesne”, “New Town Velocity” and “Words Starts attack”.THz total length of the album is forty minutes and twenty two seconds.

Marr who has been into the media due to his upbeat career with The Smiths was not hidden from anybody. It was the first time he went for his own solo album just before his 50th birthday.  It was of no secret that he has gained a lot in his career but this was the time to make his mark as a solo artist and to his own quality. His experience and legacy has served as an institution for the new learners.

This album is mostly set for the old and already fans of Marr but the quality of great work induced in it has gained a lot of momentum for the ones who were new to the era of MArr.  Most of the tracks are smooth and serene building a slow commotion of experiences and feelings along with providing refreshment to the listeners.

Marr is a great artist and a very excellent guitarist. He has played brilliantly in his songs but at times his vocals could not match to the extent it was needed for the music.Marr may be a great artist but might not be made for a solo experience. Johnny Marr has a unique voice and can perform as a great vocalist on various ranges.  His voice however is not suited for every type of vocal experience as his voice became blunt and flat at times during various tracks of the album.

Marr was already a legend before the release of this album and will remain to be one. But the efforts put over this album are not what are required of a solo album artist. The songs are engaging and the lyrics are well written. On the long run the album catches the attention of its listeners but fails to maintain that attention due to the slower pace of the album.

For the ones who are truly the hardcore fans of Johnny Marr, this album is an extra gift of their favorite artist. The album is liked by his millions of fans and has managed to get hold of some business as well but has proved to be an ordinary one in the era of these solo spiking albums.  It won’t be recognized as a piece that included more stars in Marr’s performance but it would certainly not bring any drawbacks in his career as well. To us this is an average attempt by a very known and famous star of all time.


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