Mariah Carey was born on 27th March, 1970. She is an American singer; she writes songs, produces records, has performed as an actress and is also a philanthropist. She was born in New York, America to her parents Alfred Roy and Patricia Roy. Her father was an African American aeronautical engineer, while her mother was an opera singer.

It was the time when Carey was born and says that had to see a lot of racial discrimination from her mother’s relatives and the whole society as well. Later on her parents got divorced. She moved with her father and eventually started moving alone when she grew up.

She had the voice of a singer and started singing while copying others at the age of four years while listening to the radio. She started working as a musician and song writer and started earning decent amount to stabilize her family.She came into the view of the songwriter Gavin Christopher; she started writing songs for him and later on getsherself introduced to the pop starts.

She started her career as a pop singer in 1990 with the studio album “Mariah Carey”. It was a high success and became a gold selling album. This album soon went platinum and placed her on the top of American billboards. After that she gave another solo album “Emotions” in 1991 and the third one in 1993 named “Music Box”. Bothe of these albums was a hit and earned her a lot of repute and money. The albums marked all the charts and topped the charts as well.

She got married to Mottola in 1993 and after that released her fourth album named “Merry Christmas”. The album was again a consecutive hit of hers. She was recognized as the highest played and highest grossing star in all these years. She went onto developing the album “Daydream” in 1995.

Its single “One Sweet Day” was an instant and up roaringhit in the music industry and took her to the fame position that nobody else went in this shorter period of time. This song was called the longest number one running song in the history of US chart history.

After that she changed her mode of singing and moved on to hip hop then pop, while she also too divorce from her husband Motolla. She gain released her new album but this time it was a different version of her in the album named “Butterfly”. This album was released in 1997.

She signed a contract with the Virgin Records company worth one hundred million dollars in 2000. She appeared in a feature film “Glitter” in 2001 but it did not gain much appreciation, she also had to face a nervous and physical break down in that time and had to stay at hospital for some time.

So she went back to music and came with a bang her album “The Emancipation of Mimi”. This album was received with a great response and went hit all around word. She was awarded many awards from her record performances including best selling music artist of the decade, and won a breakthrough performance award in the movie “Precious”. She has a long list of work and it still continues to get bigger. With her five octave high vocal range for singing, style and dedication she has earned a true fame for her.


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