Marc E. Bassy – You & Me ft. G-Eazy



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  • Song Name: You & Me
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Marc E. Bassy
  • Featuring: G-Eazy
  • Produced By: Rami Dawod, William Mosgrove, Jacob Olofsson & James Alex Hau
  • Album Name: Groovy People EP
  • Release Date: May 6, 2016
  • Genre: RCA, West Coast, Bay Area, Rap, Pop
  • Record Label: Republic
  • Written By: Rami Dawod, James Alex Hau, Jacob Olofsson, William Mosgrove, G-Eazy & Marc E. Bassy
  • Performance: Peaked at No. N/A
  • Sampled In: N/A
  • Cover By: N/A
  • Remixed By: N/A

Marc E. Bassy – You & Me ft. G-Eazy Review

The Bay area based singer Marc E. Bassy has made quite a presence for himself on sound cloud and other song sharing platforms. The artist is predominantly strong on social media sites, namely Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube. Having a large fan following has led to the release of his new increasingly popular single titled You & Me, featuring G-Eazy.

Though not much is known about the artist, the singer/song writer in fact has been active for the past ten years in the Bay area of Northern California under his birth name Marc Griffin, until recently choosing the R&B-pop symbolling alias of Marc E. Bassy.

Previously the artist was a part of a club called 2AM, which released an album on the RCA label. Even though the band did not survive, Marc E. Bassy did however choose his separate path in music building nonetheless.

In 2015 the artist had gone into releasing his own EP, consisting of nine tracks featuring musical stars like – Ty Dolla $ign, G-Eazy, Bobby Brackins, and P-Lo. Andy Kellman. The single titled You & Me featuring the vocals from fellow Californian Rapper G-Eazy drew quite some attention from the fans alike for its perky upbeat creativity.

Marc E. Bassy’s single You & Me ft. G-Eazy, is his first official entrance in the US Billboard Hot 100 charts at No.91. The latter’s position is secondary to the duos ambience of a perfectly soothing track.

The single is a finely tuned funky track, having some really energetic and happy sounding Hawaiian riffs. As a result, the song behaves very naturally for the average listener. G-Eazy’s raps perfectly complements in adding depth to the already engaging track. Having multiple play black singers and elements of “ooh’s” and “Caribbeaness” uplift the song.

Lyrically the song is well thought out and structured to the textbook. The song goes on shares about Young love-How a couple were so close and just went totally apart. How? is cleared by G-Eazy’s verse of “But of all people you ain’t have to fuck with him though .That was my homie I had gave y’all the intro” . Expressing shear resentment over the girl cheating and leaving. “But you the one to hold us down usually. We was in a limbo”

Over all, a wonderful song with a relaxed chorus with natural transitions shows the class of the song. Definitely worth a listen, to enjoy over the spills and thrills from a past relationship.

A much anticipated music video was published on Marc E. Bassy’s official vevo account on May 20, 2016.

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