Devendra Banhart is a folk rock musician. He mostly does music from the,Folk, Indie and alternative genre. “Mala” is his eighth studio album and was released in March 2013 under the banner of Nonesuch Records. The album was produced by producers Banhart and Noah George son.

The album is around forty one minutes long and has fourteen songs in it. the songs include “Golden girls”, “Daniel”, “Fur Hildegard von Bingen”, “ever seen such good things”, “MINitrite”, “Your fine petting duck”, “The Ballad of Keenan Milton”, “A gain”, “Wont you come over”, “Cristobal risquez”, “Hatchet wound”, “Mala”, “Wont you come home”, and “Taurobolium”. There are two extra tracks in the vinyl disc of the album which are being added as the bonus tracks. The tracks include “Something French”, and “Loring Baker”.

The album performed really well on the charts and managed to enter on the top one hundred charts in many countries. The peak position that the album got on the chart was of number two at the US top heat seekers album billboard. Along with this the album managed to get the seventh position on the US folk billboard and made an entrance on the US top alternative albums, US billboard and US top rock albums.

The album received above average response from the critics of the music industry all over the world.  The critics regarded the album as worth listening and an interesting addition to the musical industry.  The album was also regarded as well thought and cohesively made for the music lovers.

In another review it was seen that the critics claimed that the artist had done quiet and effort to make the album one of the selling ones after its release by carefully selecting lyrics along with the music. The eccentric song writing has worked like a charm for this album and the lyrics have been appreciated by everyone who has listened to the album. It is definitely a better attempt than the ones being done before by the artist and the reason of its success is also this.

The love songs in this album show the true art of romantic fantasy. The lyrics are very well written and according to the mood of the song. The singer on the other hand has provided the vocal so flawlessly that it looks like an out of the world experience.

Mala the title song is no less than the others; it has all the charm a title song should be having. All the diehard fans of Devendera would be delighted to have this song added onto their memories. The serene playing of the music at the background has uplifted the ambiance of the whole album and has provided a flawless finish to it.

Thus Mala is certainly a refreshing addition into music industry and is surely the one that you should go on for listening. The songs are good and the music is appropriate for every one of all the ages.


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