Most To Be Loved by Michael Bublé album review articles would point out that this CD sounds more like his past albums. This one is his eighth, but you could sense how hard he tried to make it offer new things compared to his past CDs. He has somehow succeeded in doing so, but of course, he still is in line with jazz.

Overall, this new album is still teeming with tracks that are romantic, jazzy, and typical. Don’t be bothered if it sounds almost like his past endeavors, specially ‘Crazy Love’ and ‘It’s Time.’ The CD is very ‘Michael Bublé’ so to speak.

In this one, he does songs again in his soothing and smooth voice. Expect to hear tracks about romance, love, dancing, sunsets, and every other thing that could make any woman’s heart melt. Here are some of the tracks you may instantly love.

You Make Me Feel so Young is an appropriate opening track for the album. It is a cover of a Frank Sinatra original. The version of Bublé is similar to the original: opening with loud drums, love clichés, and peppy saxophones. To most listeners, this track easily foreshadows all songs in the CD.

It’s a Beautiful Day’ easily impresses because it is carefree and lighthearted. This one is among the few original tracks in this album. You may easily agree that it somehow sounds like his 2009 hit song ‘Haven’t Met You Yet.’ He sounds as if he is singing out in the sunshine.

After All’ is another original. It features another Canadian hit maker Bryan Adams. Bublé may have kept his typical sound but in this one, he exudes some Matt Kearney type of voice quality.

Another interesting track would be ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me.’ You may already be familiar with the song because it was used in one of the installments of the movie ‘Toy Story.’ The song exemplifies unique innocence. It also reminds us of the way we were as carefree children.

Something Stupid’ features Reese Witherspoon, in a remake of a Sinatra original. You would be surprised at how well the combination of their voices sounds. This track could easily be considered as the main highlight of this endeavor. Have you got any idea that the two celebrities would someday collaborate to record a song?

Overall, this album is still outstanding. This ‘To Be Loved’ by Michael Bublé album review may sound like the rest. But it is emphasized that he always comes up with projects that would delight his followers. Interestingly, he has proven that he still got it.

No other jazz artist may come close to him, yet. He still delivers much to the expectations of all his fans. Although we may crave for fresh new tracks from him, we may easily appreciate his versions of some other songs already popularized by other artists, especially those who came many years ahead of him. This album comes with an appropriate title because it simply is to be loved by everyone.


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