An American competent singer “Tamar Braxton” reveals her new album Love And War. The album is released recently a couple of days before on 3rd September 2013.  “Tamar Braxton” wears many titles including reality star, wife and new mother but now she is showing the world that she is a force to be surmise with a musician.

Described as the sound track to her relationship with husband “Vincent Herbert”, Love And War follows the ups and downs of her marriage that many couples face while balancing their new relationship.

Without any further delay, we should move to the album review. Love And War opens with a notorious “The One” number. It is a delectable mid-tempo ode, which fits right in the era of 90s. The lyrics of the song are somewhat flirty but the voice takes it higher up in the air. “Tip-Toe” is the next track and a rhythmic clap drives its beat.

It injects a bit of urban flavor into the album. Next, we fall into “Stay And Fight” in which Tamar declares to collect some pieces from her broken relationship and gather them again whatever is left of it. This ballad has a very slow pace but the rousing background is enough to make one listen to it once at least. Then comes the title track of the album Love And War which is a timeless perfection.

The lyrics are beautiful and the song is sung with full passion that it justifies being the title track. This song grips the whole album. The title practically sums up everything the project contains. “All The Way Home” is an emotional song. The ballad is one of the strongest collections on the album. Tamar’s vocals in the song are clear and explosive.

We then take a break from the ballads with a mid-tempo “One On One Fun”. The chorus is repetitive in it and it could be much better. Musically it is fine. “She Did That” is a one minute long track with a figure among ciphers sort. “Hot Sugar” is the wackiest and flirty song lyrically and we can say radio friendly.

Now let us come to the song in which Tamar explains her feelings, the song is “Where It Hurts”. This modernized production is also enjoyable. The story found in this particular song is interesting. “Prettiest Girl” is a song in which the singer is telling how a girl wishes to be seen in the eyes of her other half.

Songs like “Sound of Love” and “White Candle” are the romantic numbers of the album. At the end, a “Thank You Lord” song is obviously a thank you message. Her vocal cabinet on the final selection is near perfect and coupled with the touching message in the song, it ties the project altogether.

I am proud of this body of work done by Tamar. Suffice to say her hard work and persistence definitely paid off.


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