As a typical ‘Love L*st Faith + Dreams’ by 30 Seconds to Mars album review would point out, this stellar CD is another shining moment for the band. It is hinted in the title; the compilation is all about losing love, giving up one’s self, chasing dreams, and taking new beginnings. It can be hard not to draw even a slight ray of inspiration from any of the following outstanding tracks.

Birth’ is an ideal and deserving opening track. The brass sound defines the song as it provides an epic feel as if there is a strong point to be proven. Many listeners think it could be a perfect theme song for a movie about pirates. The same goes with the track ‘Race,’ where tension builds up as the song progresses amid crowd chants at the chorus.

Conquistador’ talks about l*st and faith, an odd combination. This single caps the album cover, which is an appropriate art and visual interpretation of what the song is all about. Anyone can expect it to sound more brilliantly when performed live by the band.

Up in the Air’ is easily described as among the most defining and inspiring songs in this album. The lyrics talk about how one doubts his life, his past loves, and dreams. As the words put it, the singer is undecided whether to love or hate a past flame.

The soft rock song ‘Bright Lights’ features a calming vibe, which picks up in the middle amid electric guitar riffs. Some say this is one of the fun songs in the CD. The tune is somehow romantic but the lyrics talk about seeking a new beginning in a huge city.

Several creepy lyrics fill up Northern Lights. However, that factor is effectively countered by the amazing instrumentals. The entire song is further ornamented by an orchestra with high-pitched strings and powerful trumpets. Greater emphasis is provided to the dramatic lyrics.

Morbid lyrics, on the other hand, start off Depuis Le Debut. The bloody start turns different as the song goes on. String instruments are accompanied by the violin, creating a fast, dynamic, and strong beat. All the elements are drowned in a mix of electro pop sound.

City of Angels’ is for the satisfaction of listeners who prefer soft rock melody. It does not matter if it is a cliché track about growing up and roaming around Los Angeles. It is sprinkled with bits of Hollywood glamor but may lack freshness and originality. The song describes how the city is as a home.

Overall, every ‘Love L*st Faith + Dreams’ by 30 Seconds to Mars album review would put emphasis for sure to the dynamic piano riffs along with great crescendos. Those factors give the sound of the CD the powerful vibe. The vocalist’s voice is almost always on track and steady whether the band speeds up the tempo or slows it down. Surely, the title is appropriate for the album.


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