John Legend is an American singer and song writer. He specializes in R&B along with neo soul.  He has launched his three albums already and in this year on August 30, 2013 he has released his fourth studio album by the name of “Love In The Future”.

The album was released by GOOD and Columbia labels.  It was produced by 88- keys, Ali Shaheed Mohammad, Bink, Boogz, David L., Anderson II, Dave Tozer, Doc McKinney, Da Internz and many more.  This album is released by the gap of three years after the release of his third album “Wake Up” in 2010.

When Legend was once asked by somebody about the delay he replied by saying that he had almost finished all the work on the album but then he went out for many tours and concerts due to which he couldn’t finish off the minor things in it. He also said that he thought that it was his best album yet from the perspective of creativity as the songs are very well written while putting in a lot of thoughts.

The singles of the album were released before the release of the album. The single “Who do we think we are” was released in March 2013 and its music video was released after wards. The album was fifty six minutes long and had sixteen songs.

The songs include “Love In The Future”, “The Beginning”, “Open Your Eyes”, “Made To Love”, “Who Do We Think We Are”, “All Of Me”, “Hold On Longer”, “Save The Night”, “Tomorrow”, “What If I Told You”, “Dreams”, “Want To Be Loved”, “Angel”, “You And I “, Asylum”, And “Caught Up”. It also had a deluxe edition released for the fans.

The album got mostly positive reviews from the music critics, it was sad that the addition of so many experienced and renowned producers had certainly helped in increasing the charm of the album. It was also said that the songs written by the different song writers were pretty good and had catchy lyrics.

Legend’s voice came out to be naturally strong not missing any note in any region of the songs. His power full voice had created a nice and romantic effect through the songs in the album. The romantic, ballad, and soft tracks had the magical topping of the singer’s voice throughout the album. The music was exceptionally good and was the major reason behind the success of the album.

Although the album is newly released but certainly has gained a lot of favor from the critics and the fans as well it is Sais that the singer has started working on his upcoming fifth album and that would be greater than this one.

Till than we have this awesome sound track to make our time better and to flow with its unseen emotions.  The tracks have a nice pace except two of the tracks in the album which are slower ones and put the best part at aside.


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