Christina Aguilera still seems to be bent on outpacing her staunchest competitor in the industry, Britney Spears. That is why most Lotus by Christina Aguilera album review articles highlight the almost similar strategies recently employed by the two ‘mousekeeters’ (both starting from Disney). Here are some of the outstanding picks from the CD.

Army of Me’ simply reminds us of one of her hits several years ago, ‘Fighter.’ Distinct in this new track are the words ‘stronger,’ ‘wiser,’ and ‘fighter.’ Those are sprinkled noticeably throughout the chorus. Thus, this song could be considered as the updated version of the older track. Overall, it could easily be a standout track in the album because of its inspiring lyrics.

Red Hot Kinda Love’ is a simple, radio-friendly dance track ornamented by Christina’s playful vocals. Everyone would surely agree that it is one of the songs in the album that feature the catchiest hooks.

The album has a collaboration track in ‘Make the World Move.’ Cee-Lo Green appears to bring about complexity to the song through the use of samples and unorthodox singing style wherein he is best known for. The song complements Christina’s vocals especially on its chorus.

The first single released from the album is ‘Your Body.’ It marks her return to her roots. She has hired Max Martin, the pop record producer, to work on this song. He has also worked with Taylor Swift in her ‘Red’ album.

Let There Be Love’ is a dance club beat, making it Christina’s daring venture into that alien genre. Thus, the song sounds more like a self-help dance track. The lyrics and message of the track is obviously alluding to her personal life. Most music critics think she has used her most honest lyrics here compared to all other songs in the entire album.

Christina has collaborated with rising recording star Sia in the song ‘Blank Page.’ This is actually the second collaboration but the better one between the two music artists. The song is obviously a powerhouse ballad wherein Christina opts to croon her fans through her typical vocals accompanied by piano.

Around the World’ indicates her adventurous personality. The lyrics talk about going on a world tour with her new ‘boy toy.’ The track exudes a tribal feel into it due to the presence of thumbing drums and bass. Some listeners think it sounds like Pitbull’s recent hit ‘International Love.’

Expect her fans to once again assert that she is a better singer compared to Britney. Clearly, this album showcases her powerful vocal performances. Yes, for followers who love her for her ability to reach high notes, this new album would certainly not disappoint. But this CD is more challenging and worrisome for her because it is expected to redeem her from the recent dismal sales of her previous album ‘Bionic.’

You may agree that this album is her new attempt to regain or re-establish her status as among the best pop stars around. Overall, it is worth listening to. Album sales would serve as the judge whether she has succeeded in rebounding or not.


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