Usher is an American R&B recording artist and “Looking 4 Myself” is his seventh studio album.  The album was released in June, 2012 under the label of RCA records. The album was produced by Usher Raymond himself, Mark Pitts and Coup D’eat along with many others.

The album contains fourteen sound tracks and is fifty six minutes long.  The songs include “Can’t stop Won’t stop”, “Scream”, “Climax”, “I care for u”, “Show me”, “Lemme See”, “Twisted”, “Dive”, “What happened to U”, “Looking 4 myself”, “Numb”, “Lessons for the lover”, “Sins of my father” and “Euphoria“. The album was released in a deluxe edition as well.

This album was made after taking the inspirations from electronic music presented by the band Empire of the sun. After being impressed by their work Usher thought about experimenting with his own music and used different kind of music in this album of him than the previous ones.  This album is based on the genres R&B, electronic, hip hop, Dub step and euro pop.  The artist mixed al the styles and incorporated them in the same album to make a new experience for the listeners.

After the release of the album it gained generally positive reviews from the critics of music industry and they recognized is as a bold effort and authentic work by the artist. The album managed to sale more than one hundred and twenty eight thousand copies in the first week and has sold more than four hundred and thirty eight thousand copies till now alone in the United States.

The album was placed on the top position on the US billboard 200 chart and stayed there for a long time before going out of the chart. It was placed on the number one spot in the US hip hop albums, UK R&B chart, and Australian urban albums chart. Along with all these the album managed to make its place on the Austrian, Canadian, Danish, Belgian, German, Irish, Polish , Scottish, South African , Swiss and Taiwanese charts on the top positions along with many other charts.

The albums lead song “Climax” was liked by everyone out there and entered the charts straight away after its release. It was the most aired song of the week of its release.  Its video was released after a month and in that video Usher was seen thinking about her ex-girlfriend and trying to sort ways to approach her. The second single of the album was “Scream” that was released in April, 2012.

The song was placed on the top positions on many charts and stayed there for a week long.  Its video was released after wards featuring Usher himself, chasing his girlfriend and showing some of the dance moves in it. The video got very good response from the viewers.  After that “Lemme see” and “Numb” were released that were highly appreciated the music and the experimental compositions introduced in the album really added on to the success of this album on the whole.


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