There is more than enough hype going on for A$AP Rocky. That started after the release of ‘Deep Purple,’ his first ever mix tape. The anticipation is reflected in almost every Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky album review. The CD is diverse, focused, and deep. He may not be popular for being a lyrical rapper, but you may agree that there are instances in the album when tends to become one.

Most music critics think that the studio album is a combination of different features. It can be wild, potent, well-structured, and contagious all at the same time. The rapper sounds confident as well as charismatic. Here are insights to some of the outstanding tracks found in the album.

Long Live A$AP sounds like a nightmare that looms from sweet lullaby. It takes listeners to a whole new brand of experience as far as music is concerned. It certainly serves its purpose as the opening track for the CD. In the song, the rapper reveals his fangs while offering assonance. The arrangement is interesting.

Goldie’ was released as a single shortly before the album was launched. It anchors listeners to the first part of the CD. The song is characterized by monstrous production, interesting rhythm, wild raps, and echoing chants.

PMW’ (All I Really Need)’ features ScHoolboy Q. Together, the two rap artists showcase their unique chemistry. The result is a gloriously reprehensible anthem. You may agree that ScHoolboy’s limitless energy complements the best from A$AP.

Pain’ sings about typical lamentation. The track also features OverDoz. It marks the third consecutive song that sounds as if it was trapped in tons of molasses. Listeners are intrigued by the concepts presented. The clunky wordplay does wonders in the cut.

F**kin’ Problems is a powerhouse as it features Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, and Drake. To some reviewers, this song is more as dumb fun going to the fullest. Turn up the volume and start forgetting about your major problems. That is what the song is all about.

If you want to get surprised, jump to the track Wild For The Night. It features Skrillex, who makes an odd pairing with A$AP Rocky. There is no need for further description to sense the strangeness in the song. It is noted as a crazily ambitious track.

Talk about powerhouse rapping and ‘1 Train’ should not be missed. It features equally talented recording artists like Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, Action Bronson, Big KRIT, and Danny Brown. The song is literally a summit of the most promising hip hop stars.

Fashion Killa may sound like the strongest suit in this album. It nods to the numerous style icons in a way that resembles storytelling. The vocal samples features are hazily chopped, making them mix better with the beat. You would not mind repeating the song over and over.

As any Long Live A$AP by A$AP Rocky album review would point out, this CD may not be the one to change the game. But it tries to introduce changes. This rapper truly has a great potential.


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