Linkin Park – Numb



  • Song Name: Numb
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Linkin Park
  • Featuring: N/A
  • Produced By: Linkin Park & Don Gilmore
  • Album Name: Meteora
  • Release Date: March 25, 2003
  • Genre: Alternative, Alternative Rock, Memes, Warner Bros., Rock
  • Record Label: Warner Bros.
  • Written By: Joseph Hahn, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda & Chester Bennington
  • Performance: Peaked at No.N/A
  • Sampled In: Encore ’07 by Nicki Minaj
  • Cover By: Numb by Empires Fade, Numb by Fame on Fire, Numb (Cover) by Manic Drive & Numb by Machine Gun Kelly.
  • Remixed By: Numb / Encore by Jay-Z & Linkin Park

Linkin Park – Numb Review

The third single of Linkin Park’s second CD ‘Meteora’ is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and impressive from the band. Any ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park review underlines the song’s being among the most powerful tracks from the group.

It heavily speaks about their attempt to live up to most expectations. What is most impressive about this one is that it blends in equal parts the melody and the aggression, which is uniquely Linkin Park.

As implied, it has become among the most popular as well as most critically acclaimed tracks from the group. It topped many music charts during its time in 2004. It was part of history by being the most successful track that remained in Hot Modern Rock Tracks for as long as two years.

The track was gigantic. Its sound is more of a mixture of legendary acts Take That and Depeche Mode. The lead vocalist sings a uniquely ambient melody. The result, the song became among the most engaging although unlikely reinventions during that decade.

It is not a ballad but there are parts that you may think it is. The sound never failed Linkin Park fans and followers who prefer loud sounds.

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