Everyone would agree that Linkin Park songs are interesting and unique because those effectively combine rock and rap. The odd combination has proven to be a successful formula that propelled the band to massive stardom especially during the onset of the new millennium. No other group has successfully made a hybrid mixing nu metal with rap metal.

Linkin Park traces its roots in Agoura Hills in Southern California. In 1996, three high school friends formed a band. It consisted of original members Rob Bourdon on drums, Brad Delson on guitars, and Mike Shinoda on vocals. After high school graduation, the trio recruited three more additional members: David Farrell on bass guitar, Joe Hahn on turntable, and Mark Wakefield as lead singer. The then startup band called itself SuperXero. It shortened its name to Xero by the time the group started working on demos.

Unfortunately, there was lack of interest on the band’s initial songs. The lack of success paved the way for the departure of its lead singer, Wakefield. It was then that Chester Bennington was recruited to serve as is frontman in 1999. To highlight the change, Xero was renamed as Hybrid Theory to symbolize its type of music. But the band was forced to drop the name due to trademark issues.

Lincoln Park became its new name to pay tribute to the neighborhood park located in Santa Ana, which is right before the venue where the band conducted its initial recording sessions. Again, other bands already owned the rights to the name. So the group simply altered the name to become Linkin Park. The advent of highly influential Linkin Park songs started in 2000, when the band released its debut album ‘Hybrid Theory.’ Obviously, the CD title is a reference to the band’s preferred name, which was dropped due to legal issues with the holder of the name. The group made history when it was included in the list of recording artists with the biggest album debuts not just of its generation but of all time. In the US alone, the first album sold more than 10 million copies.

The group rose to become among the most successful acts within the rap-rock movement. In 2002, the band released its second album ‘Meteora.’ It represented the group’s efforts to continue its rock-meets-rap strategy. In 2004, they collaborated with Jay-Z to produce the remix album ‘Collision Course.’ That CD featured intermixed lyrics in background tracks coming from both acts’ previous albums.

In 2007, the group decided to focus on atmospheric music through its album ‘Minutes to Midnight.’ However, that project failed to match the commercial success of the band’s previous albums. Linkin Park songs sounded differently. In 2010, it returned to the scene through releasing a new album ‘Thousand Suns.’ In 2012, it released the CD ‘Living Things.’ Unfortunately, Linkin Park has been failing to match the massive success of its initial tracks back when it was starting like ‘In the End’ and ‘Crawling,’ both still remain as among the group’s signature songs.

Most Popular Linkin Park Songs

In My Remains
The Catalyst
Burning In the Skies
What I’ve Done
Bleed It Out
Leave Out All the Rest
Given Up
Lost in the Echo
Burn It Down
Waiting For the End
In The End


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