Leaving EP (extended play) is the seventh one done by the electronic dance music producer Skrillex.  It was released in 20 Leaving EP 13, January. First it was only available for the members of The Nest which is an OWSLA subscription service. Skrillex or Sonney Moore has provided with his quality and diversified music in this album.

The album has three tracks that are “The Reason”, “Scary Bolly Dub” and “Leaving”.  The song Scary boly dub was released a year ago by him before the launch of the album it’s self. While the song the reason got finished just before one hour of the release of the album.

The length of this album is 12:42, its song the reason was highly listened on the radio on the youth radio station following its release, while the other tracks were unable to get much attention of the audience. It is said that Moore’s try of making it unique was not much appreciated by the critics and the fans as well.

It was reviewed by the critics that, this album instead of taking Skrillex a step ahead in his career and music has actually put him into the backward stance due to the low quality of this album.

The title track is the one which has gained attention of the fans in a much stronger way however , it also promotes and shows screeching along with over use of bass , which has again made it quite difficult for the listeners to enjoy for  a night out or carrying out in a party. The drums and background music not entirely goes with the song and sound of the vocalist.

It has few nicer parts where the vocalist has tried to introduce the softer beats and has given a low tone of pitch to the sounds as well, otherwise all that shapeless and meaning less bouncing and electronic music has practically made it impossible for the audience to be lured towards the songs.

Skrillex has never released a proper album and has been into the DJ stuff from the start. He serves as a DJ in local night clubs and thus has got a flavor of music related to that ambiance. His work has previously been a reason for uproar as well when he distorted the original sounds of dub step, so this is nothing new to him.

The only likeable and promising thing in this album might be the adding of futuristic music including bass music and all the electronic music used but over all, it was deemed to be a very bad attempt by the music lovers.

The music in this album is not even the match of the previous workings or likings of Skrillex himself.  Leaving in this case is something that lacks so much like true music, proper vocals and the serenity of music that is nowhere to be seen or heard in this album. Well Skrillex might learn something from this album and work harder on his newer projects.


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