Lana Del Rey whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is an American Singer along with a song writer. Lana is her stage name. She was born on 21st June, 1986 in New York at Lake Placid. She has Scottish Decent and was singing in her child hood. She started playing and singing in the Choir in church when she was in school at the age of 14 years.

At that very age she became alcohol dependent and had to go to a bearding school to have this habit go away. She pursued her studies in university of New York and studied philosophy and metaphysics over there. Soon she learned that there was something lacking in her life so she switched to music. She knew how to play guitar and started writing songs on her own. She realized that she was able to write as many songs as she could in a great quality. After that she started playing and singing her own songs.

She went to pursue her career in singing when she was 22 years old and released her first digital album named Lana Del Rar a.k.a Lizzy GrantIn the year 2010. The album was a great success and made her join a contract with Polydor and Interscope.

Her debut single “Video Games” which was released in 2011 was an instant hit as well. That video also became a hit. It was the most seen video on you tube at the time of its release and received millions of views along with shares.

In 2012 she launched her second album by the name of “Born to die”. It was the fifth most famous album of the year 2012. It also topped the charts and made her very popular. Its songs “Blue jeans” and “Summertime Sadness” were among the top most ranked songs of the year.

She gave her third album to the audience in 2012 as well with the name “EP, Paradise”. Its millions of copies were sold after it’s released and was ranked among the top ten albums of the year. She received a lot of fame from the songs she wrote and sung and was nominated for many awards. The nominations include best new thing, Best International Pop Solo award which she got in the end.

Her songs are best noted and liked by her audience for the uniqueness and presentation f true pop culture she represents. She is inspired by the most famous singers of this era and the older ones also and tries to be one of them. She is said to have a different voice which makes her songs so special and creates a positive effect on others with it.

She can sing through all low and high tones with ease and this has all come up with the help of years of practice and dedication. She once said that she wants to do more work and is trying to bring the best in her work and is working on her new projects.


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