Keith Lionel Urban is 45 years old New Zealand born Australian singer. He is a country singer, song writer and guitarist as well.He was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia, Queensland when he was 2 years old only.  His father owned a convenience store. Once a guitar teacher came over there and Urban started taking guitar lessons from him.  He started playing guitar on his own and started earning from it as well. Along with that he acted in the theater as well.

He moved onto music for permanent basis when he got young. He went onto signing many projects with producers and wrote his own song. He started playing country music and performed in various festivals.

He released his debut album in 1991 which was his self-titled album. He played live at various places and sung for other bands and singer also in the start of his career.

In 1997 he formed his own band by the name of Ranch and released the band’s first album. Its song became a hit and ranked higher on the charts. After that he performed as a guitarist on many bands. He became a used of cocaine and became unable to focus on his work.  When he met up a personal crisis while living in Nashville he determined his self to let go off the habit and got into treatment. After that he released his solo album in 1999 by his own name. Its songs “It’s a love thing” and “Where the back top ends” became very famous.

He again worked on another album and released it in 2002 by the name of “Golden Road”.  He produced his songs with so producer Dann Huff.  The song “Somebody like you” was a big hit in that era and got the number one position on the charts.

He played for many concerts and sung for many as well between 2002 and 2005. He released “Once in a lifetime” in 2006 and the song made its entrance in the top ten of the hot chart. In 2009 the album named “Defying Gravity” which was his fifth album was launched. Its songs were also liked by the fans and played over the radio worldwide.

He again launched his new album “Get Closer” in 2010, whose singles “Long hot summer” and “you Gonna Fly” went number one on the charts.  He performed on many concerts and shows in these years as well.  He is working on his other album “Fuse” which is expected to be released later in 2013. He also judged American idol and will be doing that for the 2013 season again.

He married Australian actress Nicole Kidman in 2006. They had their first child, a daughter in 2008 in Nashville.In 2010 they again had a daughter and their second one by surrogate mother. Although her biological parents were Urban and Kidman, they both thanked their fans around the world for praying for their daughters and them as well.


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