Mind blower of the Party Animals, Kanye Omari West, is a Georgian American, Hip Hop musician, Rapper, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer who born on June 8,1997 in Atlanta.

He found his keen interest in arts in his early age and began writing poetry at the age of five years. Soon he became eager of hip hop and street dance which gave him huge energy and thirst to become an eminent street hip hop dancer. He wrote his first hip hop song “Green Eggs and Ham” and met with Dj No I.D who was known as the Godfather of Chicago Hip Hop. He learned initial tips of hip hop from him and learned how to sample and program beats after which he made his first sampler at the age of fifteen.

He drop out from the art school, when he could not show good result in his studies as he got highly involved in music. After this with the burning desire and passion West recorded his first debut album worldwide named “The College Dropout”, in less than fifteen minutes at a time and he released his most of the albums one month before the date of being released on documents.

He got eminent as a producer for Roc-A-Fella Records and got fame for his work on rapper Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint” in 2001. He touched the height of his fame by his individual single hits including “Alicia Keys”, “Ludacris” and “Janet Jackson” which were high pitched vocal samples from soul songs along with his drums and other instruments.

He influenced later by his best songs 70’s R&B, baroque pop, trip hop, arena rock, folk, alternative, electronica, synthpop, industrial, trance and classical music.

West moved from rapping to singing in 2008 and launched 808’s & Heartbreaker, and accept meet maximalism on 2010’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantansy”. After several collaborations Kanye released his sixth album, Yeezusin 2013.

Kanye invested about two million dollars and took a whole year in releasing his second album “Late Registration” which when released, sold over 2.3 million copies in America alone by the end of year 2005, which is considered as the most successful releasing album of the year.

By getting highly popularized among the people West put his self away from music for a while and got hanged himself in fashion industry. For that purpose he went to Hawaii and stayed there to write lyrics and compose music of his upcoming album “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, which was the fifth and one of the most popular albums of the West in his entire career. It was reported as “One of the most selling hip hop album” in the history.

Kanye West runs his own record label as GOOD Music and directed many short film as well. Kanye is one of the most expensive rappers in the world and he highly charges an event as he is one of the best selling and among the most awarded artist in the hip hop and popular music.


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