John Clayton Mayer is an American singer, song writer and producer. He was born in 16th October, 1977 at Connecticut. His mother was an English teacher and his father was a high school principal. He is a Jew by birth and follows the religion. At the age of 13 he asked his father to buy the guitar and he started learning playing the guitar by a local teacher. It was seen that he took so much interest which showed his true passion for the music. He practiced for two years and started playing guitar at the local bar and other venues including parties and weddings.

He started writing songs when he became sick with a cardiac problem at the age of 17. As he was unable to play music at that time so he started writing instead of playing. He started having panic attacks as well and had to take therapy and medication to treat it effectively.

He is experienced in performing pop, rock, acoustic rock, country rock and folk rock music. He can play multi instruments as well and can easily play guitar, piano, omnichord, vibraphone, harmonica and percussion. He has done acts with Taylor Swift and fall out boys on various places.

He took admission in Berklee college of Music in Boston at the age of 19 years. Later on he left college and made a two person band Lofi Masters. He performed in the local coffee shops and bars at that time to earn money. The two parted ways due to increasing differences and Mayer started his solo pop career.

Mayer recorded his first EP “Inside Wants out” and it was praised by many. He wrote many songs at time for others as well. He caught the eye of producers and got offers to make his very own first album. He later on released his first album in 2002 by the name of “Room for squares” and the second one by the name of “Havier Things”. Both of these albums went well and cached the attention of listeners. These albums made a good business and received platinum certificates as well.

He started his singing by the type of rock music but soon began to follow blues genre. In 2005 he formed the John Mayer trio with the artists B.B.King, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy. He released his third solo album under the title of “Continuum”. The album was released in 2006 and won a Grammy award for a brilliant performance in the album. He released fourth and fifth studio album by the name of “Battle studies” and “Born and Raised” he sold millions of copies of the albums world wide and earned a lot as well.

He has been into singing, writing, graphic designing and television hosting. He started his world tours and concerts also. He has formed many bands and been to band playing as well. He had been into many relationships. He had dated Jenifer Austin, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson on and off.


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