Most dance and R&B music followers could surely identify Jason Derulo songs ‘Whatcha Say’ and ‘In My Head.’ In truth, these songs were instrumental in making him a popular recording artist to date. But it seems that there are still more about him that should be discovered by his fans and even critics.

Jason Derulo was born as Jason Joel Desrouleaux on September 21, 1989. He was a child of Haitian parents who live in Miami, Florida. For his screen name, he decided to drop the name ‘Joel’ and change the spelling of his surname to ‘Derulo’ so that people would find it less intimidating and much easier to spell and pronounce. Obviously, it was a wise decision.

Would you believe that he started performing when he was 5 years old? By the age of 8, he was able to write the first of the many Jason Derulo songs, ‘Crush on You.’ He practically spent his childhood years studying ballet, theater, and opera. He went to the Dillard Center for the Arts located in Fort Lauderdale. He later attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (located in New York) where he graduated at 17.

Since he was 16 years old, he has started writing songs for various recording artists like P. Diddy, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, and Cassie. But it has always been clear that he still intends to become a solo performer. After completing his studies, he joined the TV contest ‘Showtime at the Apollo,’ where he bagged the grand prize in 2006.

That same year, his music career as a solo performer began. But it took long (2009) before he was able to release his debut single, ‘Whatcha Say.’ Its success became his passport to pursue working on his first ever album. By the end of 2009, he released another successful single ‘In My Head.’ The success of the two singles paved the way for the March 2010 release of his first self-titled CD. By this time, he launched the third single from that album ‘Ridin’ Solo,’ which also climbed the music charts. That year, he also collaborated with some artists.

But everything seemed to be turning slow for him since then. He was later busy doing collaborations with other artists, including Demi Lovato in 2011. In 2012, he appeared on the hit TV show ‘American Idol’ to enable his fans to help him complete the lyrics of his new sing ‘Undefeated,’ a partnership with the show’s major sponsor Coca-Cola.

In August 2012, he and Kelly Rowland served as dance masters in the Australian dance TV talent show ‘Everybody Dance Now.’ Unfortunately, that show was cancelled just right after its fourth episode due to very dismal ratings. At the same time, he established his own record label called Future History, which he co-owns with manager Frank Harris. This year, he is preparing to launch his third CD by September. Its carrier single ‘The Other Side’ is expected to usher in the new set of hit Jason Derulo songs, which hopefully propels his recording career further.


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