The band “Low” has released his tenth full album by the name of “The Invisible Way”. Low is an American Indie rock band and is working since 1993. The group members include Mimi Parker on drum and vocals along with Alan Spar hawk who provides vocals and plays guitar, Steve Garrington is the other bass guitarist of the band. The album is famous for its unique quality of music and lyrics from the time it emerged in the music industry.

The album was released in March, 2013. The album was produced by Jeff Tweedy and was recorded at Wilco’s Studios in Chicago. The album is forty minutes long and has eleven tracks in it.

The tracks include “Plastic cup”, “Amethyst”, “So blue”, “Holy ghost”, “Waiting”, “Clearance white”, “Four score”, “Just make it stop”, “Mother”, “On my own”, and “To our knees”. The songs were well received by the critics and the listeners both.  The album managed to get into the billboard hindered charts at the 70s place and remained there for a week.

The album’s release was decided one year before and the album was released on time. To produce the album, the band members approached Jeff Tweedy so that he could produce this album of theirs. The producer liked the idea of the album and accepted the offer. The music and lyrics of the album are quiet the typical for the band’s previous works. The band is famous for Low music and very well written lyrics.

This band with the duo of wife and husband has given many wonderful tracks in the past and have done a god job in this album as well.The previous albums also showed various experimental tracks by the vocalists but this time no experimenting has been done. The guitar being used in the songs and the bass guitar is also exceptionally good.

Along with all these the piano used in the song is mesmerizing and would be loved by anybody who listens to the songs. There are many fine songs in the album including “Waiting”, “Just make it stop” and “Holy ghost”.

The songs are well written and created. They also have good compositions to them and have been written with a lot of thought provoking.  This is the first time that Parker has sung eleven songs in the album; otherwise he only sings one or two in the albums.

The albums songs are sensibly written and have quite a story to them. The songs use some of the content form the bible along with wise lyrics that shoe the maturity of the members of the band.  The songs are not like that of other albums which don’t have core meaning to them, but these ones have powerful elements attached to them.

The beauty of this album is the soothing and Low music.The album is a piece of spiritual love, attraction and tells about the power of the basic elements of the nature. It truly is a work of art.


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