Hunter Hayes is an American country singer and song writer. He was born on 9th September, 1991 in Louisiana. He is the only child of his parents Lynette and Leo Hayes. He belongs to the Cajun culture and an ancestor of it so he learnt English along with French in his childhood, which helped in his singing in both languages.

He started his music at the age of 2 years when his grandmother bought him an accordion. He made his first TV appearance at the age of four years on Nickelodeon channel and Rosie o’ Donnel.

Hunter made himself learn many musical instruments he plays on his own. He can play Accordion, guitar, keyboard, medallion, drums and piano. He makes his own music and writes his music too along with his songs.

When Hunter was 13 years old he sang a song on America’s most talented kid and received a lot of appreciation. He started his work as a song writer in 2008 and wrote songs for group of companies. He sung songs with Taylor Swift and Victoria Justice which started playing on the radio and became hits.

Along with this he went on the tours to sing his songs of his debut album as well which was in the process of completion. He sung the songs of many movies and plays which were acclaimed by the critics.

His first debut song released on radio was “Storm warning” in 2011. It became very popular and was liked by millions. His first major album “Wanted” was released in 2011 he wrote and vocalized all the songs in the album. The album was such a hit that he was awarded Platinum certificate on gold selling of his album worldwide in August 2012.

He became the youngest artist to top the charts and released another song after wards, which was “Somebody’s heartbreak.” This song was an instant hit on the radio nationwide and claimed the number one position on charts in 2012. He also works as a brand ambassador of the company Martin Guitars and Co. and broke a record for most concerts in one day in multiple cities in 2012.

He released his fourth solo song named “I went Crazy” in 2013 in the month of April which also acclaimed a lot from the fans of this very young and talented singer. Hunter was nominated for the 3 Grammy awards for year 2013 which included best new artist; he is the youngest one ever to be nominated for three Grammy’s in a given year.

Hunter has once said that he has gained a lot and had the support of his parents as he was the single child. He loved music from the childhood and wanted to be into it from the start, it is a blessing that he has been given such a chance to live his dream.The reason for him and his work being a hit is said to be the originality along with the hard work he puts in. His songs reflect serenity, youthfulness and the decency of an old soul as well which is making everything he plays a hit.


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