Don’t be surprised to realize that most Hotel California by Tyga album review articles emphasize the CD’s effort to mark the rapper’s career transition. Despite that, he has succeeded in keeping his braggadocio style, which is best associated with him.

There is arrogance in rhymes and swag in his snares and synthetase. He has truly demonstrated his timely maturity as a recording artist. Here are some of the best and most outstanding tracks from this talked about album.

500 Degrees’ features Lil Wayne. Most music critics think this track sounds like most of Tyga’s past songs. The monotonous beat and the lyrical palette are factors that are consistent with his typical tracks. Lil Wayne’s appearance may not have helped improve the overall quality of the song but at least he bolstered interest somehow.

Dope,’ which features Rick Ross, contains samples from Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg’s ‘Deep Cover.’ The song is distinct with its deep and menacing bass line sprinkled with electronic drums and stupid claps. Rick Ross has an interesting part but his appearance may not be sufficient to carry the entire track.

Diss Song’ is among the cuts in this album that sounds more like the recording artist’s own personality. The theme is about friendship that has gone awry but his lyrics don’t say much about it. The irony is that in most verses, he is like telling something while not saying anything at all. But it has a smooth beat and a strong hook. He may sound more like Rick Ross in this one.

Among the most controversial hip hop/rap songs of 2013 would be ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ which features Jadakiss and “2Pac.” Jadakiss surprises by not slouching in the song. Tyga raps about his women, cars, clothes, jewels, and money. It has a beat that can be considered as decent at its best.

Molly’ is one of those cuts from the album that contain a good beat. It features Cedric Gervais, Mally Mall, and Wiz Khalifa. Here, the artist has recruited his dudes to deliver their typical ‘weed’ raps. It could be fun to hear.

It Neva Rains’ contains samples from ‘It Never Rains (In Southern California)’ by Tony! Toni! Tone! The song features Game. You may agree that the track is among those smooth cuts from the album. It has generated mostly raves due to the samples and instrumentals used, which are interestingly handled. Here, he showcases his emotional range. For his part, Game refused to name drop, for a change.

The best party song from this album would have to be ‘Hijack’ featuring 2 Chainz. In the track, Tyga sounds very much energetic and wild amid a downright mental beat. As expected, 2 Chainz infused his signature personality into the song. It has the potential of being a monster commercial hit.

Overall, every Hotel California by Tyga album review would point out how the rapper tries his best to create a good impression to his listeners. At some point, the album may sound a little rushed, which is not a setback. For some reasons, this CD is still worth our investment.


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