Home is the first album of the British band Rudimental. Rudimental is a drum and bass band. This album of this band was released in April, 2013 in UK.  It was produced by Rudimental itself and Mike Spencer. It was released under the label of Asylum Records and Atlantic records. The album was recorded in 2012 in UK and was then finalized for the release by the band.  The album got high acclaim by the critics and managed to get its place on the charts

Home is a fifty six minutes long sound track and has twelve tracks. The singles include “Home”, “Feel The Love“, “Right Here”, “Hell Cloud Freeze”, “Spoons”, “Hide”, “Powerless”, “More Than Anything”, “Not Giving In“, “Baby”, “Waiting All Night”, And “Free”. The album was released in two deluxe editions as well. The songs are written by various song writers but most of the songs are written by Emenike and Newman.

The songs had much guest performance and featured many renowned artists of the music industry such as Foxes, John Newman, Angel Haze, Ella Eyre and Emeli Sanded.  All the artists have collaborated very well in the album by giving it a very refreshing and rich look.

The album became an instant hit after its release. It charted on the number one position in the UK and Scottish album charts, it charted on the second place on the Austrian charts and New Zealand charts. Along with these the album charted on the Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, Irish, And Swiss album charts in 2013 after the release of this album.

The album received positive rating form most of the critics, it released mostly positive reviews form the critics of the music industry. The album got above average reviews in most of the review score given by many music rating web sites and magazines. An average score of 72 was calculated in the album’s reviewing by the meta critic website, which is an above average response. It also did economically well in the European countries which was not really expected from this album.

The album’s first single to be launched was “Spoons”; it was one of the aspiring tracks. It was released in February 2012 and got really famous. It also entered in to the Australian charts and stayed there for a week long before going out of it.

Another very nice song from the album was “Feel the Love”. It is a romantic number and included vocals of John Newman, who has done a splendid job in this album. “Not giving in” and “Waiting all night” were also released after wards and featured John Newman, Alex Clare and Ella Eyre in the songs. Both of these songs entered in the top twenty songs of the United Kingdom charts.

Recently the new song “Right here” was released in august 2012 and received a lot of critical acclaim from the critics, the album was really liked by the fans due the good quality of music and compositions associated to it. It is a great effort by the group.


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