Hollow Bodies are the fourth studio album by the American metal core band Blessthefall. The band is from Arizona, America. The band members include Mike Frisby, Jarred Warth, and Matt Traynor. The album Hollow Bodies were released in August 2013 and were produced by Joey Sturgis. The album is almost forty six minutes long. It is the first album by the band to include all the members in the album.

The debut song of the album “you wear a clown, but you’re no king” was released as the first single in June, 2013.  The second single “Déjà vu” was released after a few days in July, 2013.

The tracks along with the other ones from the album have received generally positive reviews from the critics. The album include eleven songs including “Exodus”, “You wear a crown , but you are no king”, “Déjà vu”, “Hollow Bodies”, “Buried in these walls”, “See you on the outside”, “Youngbloods”, “Standing on the ashes”, “Carry on”, “The sound of starting over”, and “Open the water”.

The music critics seem to be happy with the performance of the band. The fans of the band have also liked their effort.  It looks like a very ambitious and hard worked album.The critics have also said that this album will be the one which will be marking the growing career of this band and will take them to a higher position.  The sound in the music is very strong. The hard core metal used in the album is new and original.

The use of all the electronic gadgets issuing electronic music is being used in a very sensible way.  It is said that the quality of the music provided by the band looks like one of the experts in the fields although the band is not a very older one.

The use of metal rock music in the songs id mesmerizing and the mixing of the music with adventurous songs are nothing short of a surprising element. Although it is a truly metallic album but the lyrics are also written with great concentration and have a story behind them.

Along with all these the melodies are quiet good and have a balancing of both music and lyrics in it. The production of this album is also very impressive along with the marketing. The good marketing of the album has helped making its place in the top musical tracks. The track is all great and has a true metallic rock soul to them. You will be able to enjoy the songs and the songs would urge you to listen to more.

The music might be a bit too much louder but this is all what metallic singing and music is all about.  You won’t regret having this album in your music player if you are a hard core fan of metal rock music. But if you are already a fan of the band Blessthefall then surely this is a gift for you.


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