The band Hot Chip is an English electronic music band and specializes in Synth pop, Electro- funk, nu-disco, Indietronica and alternative dance genres. “In Our Heads” is the fifth album of the band and was released in June 2012 under the label of Domino. The album was produced by the band itself. The band members include Alex Taylor, Al Doyle, Owen Clarke, Felix Martin and Joe Goddard.

The album is fifty six minutes long and has eleven tracks in total. The tracks include “Motion sickness”, “How do you do?”, “Don’t deny your heart”, “Look at where we are”, “These Chains”, “Night & day “, “Flutes”, “Now there is nothing”, “Ends of the earth”, “Let me be him”, and “Always been your love”.

The album received bags of acclaim from the famous music critics all over the world. This album got above average ratings in the album reviews in most of the music magazines and web sites. The album was regarded as a rocking piece of art along with most likely danceable album of the year.

Other critics reported that the band has taken a new route into the field of music which is evident from the work done in the album. The album had great music and the song writers the lyrics are very well written.

Along with the positive reviews from the critics the album also managed to make good economic up take also. The album entered in various album charts of different countries. The album made to the number one spot on the US electronic numbers and UK dance numbers.

It also managed to enter on the highest positions in the Irish Independent chart, UK Indie chart, Australian albums chart, Irish album charts and Swiss album charts. Along with these the album managed to get into the charts of many other countries in the first week after the release.

It is mostly seen that the bands produce fantastic music at early stages of their careers but start falling apart after some time.Due to these things the music of the band along with the songs deteriorates, thus making the bands go down.

This did not happen with Hit Chip; the band took a break of two years and has emerged late but powerfully in the music industry. The songs are carefully written and have the produced a great quality music. The compositions are fine and the ambiance created by the album is one of the pure dance albums.

Thus the band members have worked pretty hard for the band and there’s nothing that can stop them if they work hard. The band is loved by the fans and the albums were highly appreciated. The songs from the album were aired on the radio various times getting hundreds of air plays.

The album gives the listener a true rock experience and makes the time spend faster with it. The albumin short is a great effort and is a true entertainment over all. The same can be expected from the group in the future.


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