Hara-kiri is a studio album by an Armenian-American Singer Serj Tankian. This is his third album and it was released in July, 2012. The artist specializes in Neo-prog, art rock, alternative metal genres.  It was produced by Serj Tankian and was released under the label of Reprise and Serjical Strike.

The album is forty five minutes long and has eleven songs. The songs include “Cornucopia”, “Figure it out”, “Ching Chime”, “Butterfly”, “Harakiri”, “Occupied tears”, “Deafening Silence”, “Forget me knot”, “Reality TV”, “Uneducated Democracy”, and ” Weave on “.The album is also available in Japanese and a deluxe edition.

The album is based on the idea of animal suicide and the title track Harakiri was written when he was in some other band.He got this song through his I pad, first he got the songs recorded on the I pad and then went out for the recording in the studios of California.

The songs in the album have their special meanings. All of the song is written uniquely and with a lot of concentration. Every song had a unique story behind it. The album talks about the democracy, the policies of the governments, role of the CEOs in industries, how suicide takes place, what happens to the victim of the assault, who is with the ones that are guilty and why do they go away so easily from the law?

Why there is always the poor who have to suffer? The planet is crying because of the overflow of crudeness and depression seems among the people. These are call messages that he has given in each of his songs. None of the songs are without the story; every song is inspired from a huge background story. The singer has sung the songs in a story telling way and has provided the listeners with lot of insight about the happenings all around the world.

The first single to be released from the album was “Figure it out” which was released in May 2012. It was received with positive views. After that the second song of the album “Cornucopia” was released which was released on 4thJune 2012.

The album was released afterwards.  The songs of the album got average rating however it was acclaimed that the songs are well written and though provoking.  The songs has the artistic quality attached to them and were viewed as eye-openers by many.

The video of the songs were released of the first two songs, which actually are the live action videos of artist. The videos ponder upon the social issues of animal suicide and obesity along with other issues.

Two other videos were later on released, one of which was an animated one of the song “Occupied tears”. The artist has done a unique and pretty different job than the singers in the industry. The music might be low and not up to the standard of the others but surely the lyrics and the concept of the album is worth it.


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