“Graffiti On the Train” is the eighth studio album by the Welsh rock band Stereophonics.  The album is produced by Kelly Jones and was released under the banner of band’s own label stylus records.  The album has been released after a break of almost five years since the release of Keep calm and carries on in 2009.

The album was supposed to be released in 2009 but got released in March 2013. The album made a huge success after its release. It was appraised by the critics and was loved by the fans. The album also did exceptionally good business.

The album sold over two million copies worldwide and peaked on the top places in many charts including UK and Canadian ones. The Album got its idea from a thought of the band member when he saw the kids going out of the house to paint graffiti On the Train. The album was released in four formats also.

It included Deluxe CD, vinyl and digital download and standard CD.  The single “In a moment” was released as the debut single of the album on November4th, 2012.  The song came on number thirty on the UK singles chart.

The album is forty three minutes long and has ten songs. The songs include “We share the same sun”, “Graffiti On the Train”, “Indian Summer”, “Take me”, “Catacomb”, “Roll the dice”, “Violins and tambourines“, “Been caught cheating”, “In a moment”, and “No one’s perfect”. The songs received generally positive responses from the critics, although the album received average scores.  The album has been regarded as a best album for high music, language and violence.

The album has sold more than two million albums which was a better sale than the previous album.  Kelley jones as lead vocalist has done a great job in the album and has given his full strength vocals to the tracks. The guitar played by Richard Jones, and Adam Zindani have done a great job.The job on the drums has been marvelously done by Javier Weyler.

The album charted on the number one position on the Indie album charts and, numbers two on UK and Scottish charts. The album stayed on the hundred billboard charts on the Austrian, Australian, Belgium, Dutch, UK, Spanish and Scottish album charts. The creative styling of the songs, carefully written compositions and assorted lyrics all have played a major role in the success of this album.

Along with the other things to be kept in mind while considering this album Graffiti On the Train, it should be noted that as the band has taken almost four years to work on this album, the album is worth for the waiting for all the fans of the band out there. The tracks have the perfect combination of rock and electronic music along with great beats at the background. The music is real and complements the voice of the vocalist. Overall the band has done a great job.


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