The fourth studio album from this great country music group is simply amazing. Any Golden by Lady Antebellum album review would resonate how the trio has successfully carried over the victory from its recent album ‘Own the Night.’ In this latest CD, the group has proven that they remain unmatched in the country music genre.

If you have loved the group for its heartbreaking ballads, you surely would not get disappointed in this one. You may expect more from the band. Fun and up-tempo tracks have also been included in this latest project. Here are some of the most worthwhile and notable tracks in the CD.

Goodbye Town is no less a definitive single. Its harmony notes sound like an 80s rock especially in the chorus and end part of the song. Some music critics assert that in this track, Charles Kelley has delivered his best vocal in this album. The lyrics carry nostalgic tones, although the sound gets a little different by its chorus.

Downtown simply contains all the elements of a great hit. Hillary Scott has played the vixen on this song. The lyrics sound as if she is warning her husband that she should be showcased and showed around, just like what proud men do to their women. In this cut, she chews up scenery from first-rate fashion. She is in one of her great performances in this one.

Better Off Now (That You’re Gone)’ is a full throttle tempo song. It could still be taken by the band to the next level if it wants to do so. To be expected, this track could sound better when performed live and on stage. The lyrics could be another story as those may tend to be a little repetitive. To some, this track could simply be a melodic goodbye song.

It Ain’t Pretty’ is an enticing love song performed in ‘the Lady Antebellum style.’ To most of the trio’s fans, it easily becomes the best and most heartbreaking song in the entire album. It is a track that is perfect for people who have failed to find their soul mates. The vocalist takes a regretful tone throughout it.

Dave Haywood’s keyboard talent is showcased in ‘Can’t Stand the Rain.’ Kelley has put an approach that indicated some degrees of restraint. It simmers until it gets to its chorus. The song’s production hints that it could possibly be another crossover single.

The title track Golden is nothing but traditional. It features an arrangement that anyone may anticipate from the trio. In this song, Kelley provided a vocal that he has taken a little greater to the next level. Consequently, it has become among the sonically satisfying tracks in the album. There is no need to miss the spellbinding harmony.

Generation Away’ makes an ideal last track to this album. The lyrics talk about leaving positive legacy behind. Any Golden by Lady Antebellum album review would point out that this song’s theme reflects the overall theme that the album aims to take.


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