Dido is an English singer and song writer and “Girl Who Got Away” is her fourth studio album.  The album was released In March 2013 all over the world.  The album was released under the label of RCA records. The first singles released were “No freedom”, “Let us move” and “End of night”.  The album became a hit right after its release and did a very good business as well.

This album is totally different from the previous ones of the singers as she has tried to focus on the approach of electronic music in this album which is pretty different from her previous works.The recording of the album took place in California and London. Some of the parts of the songs were recorded in a very modest atmosphere in the hotel room with a microphone and a piano. The album is produced by many renowned producers and musicians including Lester Mendez, A.R.Rehman, Rick Nowels, Brian Eno and Jeff Bhasker.

The album “Girl Who Got Away” received mostly positive responses from the critics.The critics regarded the album to be melodious, hard written and dancing collection. The album sold millions of copies after its release and has sold more than four million copies till date. The album “Girl Who Got Away” made into the top five albums in charts of many countries including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France, and Netherlands. It also got a high position in the United Kingdom.

The album has been released in three editions including a deluxe edition.The album is around forty five minutes long having eleven songs in it. the songs include ” No freedom ” , ”  End of the Night”, ” Sitting on the roof”, “Love to blame”, ” GO dreaming”, “Happy new year”, ” Day before we went to war” and ” Loveless heart.

The album peaked on twelfth position on the Australian charts, sixth on the Austrian chart, the album got onto the 17th position on the Belgian albums chart and tenth on the Canadian charts. The top position that the album got was of the first position on the Swiss charts. Along with   2nd and third on the French and German album charts respectively.

Overall the album is consistent in quality and has a very smooth ongoing feel to it. The listener can enjoy the soft music at the background with the very serene and mature vocals of Dido ahead. She has put a lot of effort in this album to make it different from the others in the market along with her own previous ones. The rhythms in the songs are steady and match the pace of music along with the vocals.

The compositions are all mostly great submerged in the deep and satisfying lyrics of the songs which h are mostly written by the artist herself. The lyrics are easy going and easily understandable. The music going with the lyrics does give and expression of one’s self listening to a piece of perfect art.


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