Fetty Wap – RGF Island



  • Song Name: RGF Island
  • Artist Name / Band Name: Fetty Wap
  • Featuring:
  • Produced By: Yung Lan
  • Album Name: Zoo Style
  • Release Date: September 25, 2015
  • Genre: Rap
  • Record Label: Because Music, 300, RGF
  • Written By: Modi & Fetty Wap
  • Performance: Peaked at No. N/A
  • Sampled In: N/A
  • Cover By: N/A
  • Remixed By: N/A

Fetty Wap – RGF Island Review

One of the hottest rap projections of this year, RGF Island is the song number 11 on album Fetty Wap. The track is written by Maxwell Willie.
Fetty Wap is all heart on RGF Island, splendid with pure emotions. It’s the opening song from recently released join tape Zoo Style.

Fetty Wap sings and raps with a particular sleepy tone of voice and rhythm. His track “Trap Queen” was so catchy on first listen that it directly became one of those songs that we continuously wanted to listen. It was hard to listen once and not to put on repeat. It was a big hit and dangerously addictive. Whereas Fetty’s hottest track RGF Island gives a Trap Queen a better run for its money. It’s another tremendously catchy hit with mesmerizing melody.

Fetty raps his 1738 squad and wilds out with his crew on an island and remains devoted to them. The album does not include any guests, but that was on purpose. “There are no super stars featuring on the album; my brothers are super stars to me”, said by Wap.

Fetty Wap has released his self titled debut studio album on September 25 2015, featuring the hits, Trap Queen, 679, Again and My Way.

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