Exile by the duo Hurts is the second album by the duo. The album was released in March 2013.  The duo specialized in synth pop, electronic rock and new wave kind of genres. The album was produced by Dan Grech- Marguerat, Hurts themselves and Jonas Quant. The album was released under the label of Major label.

The album’s title was revealed in December 2012.  After that its first track was released in January 2013. According to the critics sparkling vocals of the duo along with very efficient guitar prominence along with orchestral music has brought the best in the album. The album’s first single “Miracle” got the world wide play in January, 2013.  The album was almost 51 minutes long and had twelve songs.

The songs include “Exile”, “Miracle”, “Sandman”, “Blind”, “Only you”, “The road”, “Cupid”, “Mercy”, “The crow”, “Somebody to die for”, “The rope” and “Help”.  It was released in two deluxe editions as well.

The album received positive reviews and got on the second position in Finish album and Swiss album charts. It resided on the third place on the German and Polish charts. Along with these the album was charted in the top positions in Hungarian, UK, Estonian, Austrian and Czech Charts.  Along with these it also did well on the Belgian, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Scottish, South Korean and Swedish charts.

The album was certified gold in the Poland region due to sale above ten thousand copies of the album. While it was released under the label of Major label in the European region, it was released under the label of Sony music in Asian countries and some other countries.

The music at times into singles sound as that of an album from the 80s. The unusually strong lyrics and jumping music Is sure to have the listeners glued to their music systems until the album ends. The music is flaw less and reminds one of the great melodies of 80s sitting right in the 21st century.

The duo has done a fantastic job in presenting their ideas and skills in the album and has really shown their potential in the album. It might be the second album of the duo but it certainly has shown the potential and all the things this great duo can do. The music is something you have never heard before and is what that inspires the listener to listen to more of it.

The classic style of the band and the classic music at the background has served as a means of attracting the listeners towards them.The sparkling sound of the orchestra, the great melodies, hip hop music in some of the songs, along with the hard rock guitar playing in some of the tracks have served as a final touch of fascination for the album.

The songs have a charisma and charm attracted to them; they also provide the perfect melodies for the dancing parties. The album is a full package for the listeners.


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