After the success of the album ‘Illuminations,’ it is time for All That Echoes by Josh Groban album review. His sixth studio album contains songs with more accessible melodies obviously to reach out to more music fans. The compositions are simpler and more pleasing to instantly connect to listeners. Here are some of the most outstanding tracks from the CD.

Brave’ is heralded by plucked strings, which continuously play throughout the entire duration of the song. It is fortified by accompanying piano as a perfect support. It is among the seven tracks that he personally co-wrote in this album. This song mirrors the message of the track ‘Hidden Away,’ the headline track of his past album ‘Illuminations.’ Aside from his voice, the instrumentation in this piece is the main feature that keeps listeners interested.

A harp opens ‘False Alarms.’ The instrument leads into a firm but subtle percussion accompaniment. It is just obvious that this feature gives the song its dark rock sound. The message deals with devastation after losing love but the overall tone has beams of hope all over it.

Touching lyrics instantly make ‘Falling Slowly’ endearing to listeners. Those words quickly engage anyone’s attention. It is not surprising as this track was originally written for ‘Once,’ a musical. It heavily relies on repetitive chorus and the falsetto performance, which is unique to Josh Groban.

She Moved Through the Fair offers a unique choice. Most music critics are happy that this traditional Irish ballad was included in this album. There are Uilleann pipes and Celtic harp merging to provide additional hypnotic effect and enchanting features.

In ‘War at Home,’ he opted to address ramifications of the war in Iraq. The song ‘Below the Line’ talks about rampant poverty around the globe. This song strategically had an upbeat melody obviously to entice listeners to help bring solution to poverty through donating to charities.

E Ti Promettero’ features Laura Pausini, an Italian singer. Although the lyrics are not in English, you could easily sense that it talks about romantic love between two persons. Many critics just noticed that in some parts of the song, the two singers’ voices do not blend.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is an interesting revival of the Judy Collins hit song. It is an obviously sweet yet sad love song. You may easily agree that it could be a perfect track for people who are having the melancholic mood.

Fans who want to hear a Spanish ballad would be delighted to listen to ‘Un Alma Mas.’ He sings to a woman asking her to share her love to ease his sorrow. The track features Cuban trumpet master Arturo Sandoval, who helped bring about more passion to the sound.

The concluding track could wrap up any All That Echoes by Josh Groban album review. ‘I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)’ is a good cover of the original Stevie Wonder hit. The Gospel choir would certainly provide the chills to uplift our spirits.


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