Earth Rocker is the recent album released by the Rock band Clutch. The album was released in March, 2013.  The album was released under the label of Weathermaer music.   The album is the tenth studio album released by the band. The band specializes In Stoner rock, Hard rock, and Alternative metal. This album is released after a gap of some years by the band.

The album is forty four minutes long and has eleven tracks.  The tracks include “Earth Rocker”, “Crucial Velocity”, “Mr. Freedom”, “D.C Sound attack”, “Unto the beach”, “Gone cold”, “The face”, “Book, Saddle & Go”, “Cyborg better”, “Oh Isabella”, and “The wolf man kindly requests”. The songs are very well written by the band are composed with true sensibility.

In this album the band took a totally different approach in building up this album than the older ones. The band members wrote the song before entering onto the studio for recordings.  The band members did a track recording for the practicing session, the practicing session came handy and they started on to the recording of the album.

The album got mostly positive reviews from the critics of the music industry. The album got average reviews in most of the magazines and web sites. The album has done a job as a story teller and gives the feel of listening to more. The band members Neil Fallon, the vocalist, guitarist has done a great job in the section of vocals.  Jean Paul Gaster has done great with the drums awhile Dan Maines and Tim Sult have done wonderfully in the area of guitar playing.

The sound tracks are upbeat and groovy and the listener cannot help but dance on the music bites. The guys have done an incredible job in playing the music and the mixing of the sounds. The flow of music is pretty basic and lined with the lyrics. This made the album very catchy.

The tracks are pure Bass tracks and have the true spirit of the rock and roll into them. The rocking lyrics have served as the true knacker for the album. The band members have put in chorus at various parts of the tracks in the album which makes them more lively and interesting.

The sound track D.C. Sound Attack is one of the most famous and best songs of the album. This song is surely a take away and has the greatest beat from any sound track included in the album.  The songs are like build for the stage type of songs and are best for the live performances on the stage.

Sult’s vocals and Gaster’s drums together have put and extraordinary combination of musical piece which is best to listened for in ages.  The only flaw with the album is that it might have some very louder music pieces in parts of tracks that don’t seem right with the lyrics. Overall it is a very good effort of the band and has shown their true potential to produce rock music.


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