DreamChaser is the eleventh studio album by the British singer Sarah Brightman. The album was released in 2013 in japan and United Kingdom.  It is one of the very personalized albums of Sarah and revolves around the experience of space journey that she has made.

The album has eleven songs which include “Angel”, “One day like this”, “Glosoli”, “Lento E largo”, “Breath Me”, “Ave Maria”, “A song of India”, Eperdu”, “Venus and Mars” and “Closer”.  The album was released in many editions including a UK edition and Japanese edition. The total length of the album is 60 minutes and 42 seconds.

The album reflects her space travel experience and revolves around that theme. All the tracks in the album are very nicely written and have excellent melodies to them but the problem is that being from the only one concept make it very difficult for the listener to be attracted to itself. It feels like the album and all the songs are just the personal thoughts and experiences of the singer which are not related to the listener.

But if somebody focuses on the natural aspect and the quality of the music involved in the album, it would be seen that the album is a wonderful piece of art. The vocalization in all the songs is excellently done by the singer herself. The cover song “One day like this”, and “Breathe me” have become very famous due to their melody and lyrics being used in the songs. Along with these “Closer” has been rated as a very cool and calm song sung by Sarah.

The choice of words with the electronic up beats has made the songs to be very unique and serene but the only drawback of this album is sticking to one subject songs. This one subject album has made it difficult for the audience to build the likeness for the album. The songs were played many times on the radio after the release of the album. The songs also managed to get the top positions in the UK 100 billboard and the Japanese billboard as well. The album surprisingly leads to the number one position of the US billboard of classical albums.

Sarah did many promotions for the album before the launch and appeared on various TV series. She went to China and Japan where she sold her albums and made a public appearance and did press conferences.

The songs were recorded at London and Los Angeles studios. The cover songs of the album have been hits and were listened most of the times. The classical music of this album has led many of the people to be the newly made fans of her. Over the entire album has great quality of vocals and music, along with true classical melodies. The only thing problematic in the album is the relevance to one subject only. Although if you are a die-hard fan of Sarah Brightman you will love the album she has put forward in the form of DreamChaser.


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