Miles Kane is an English musician and singer, “Don’t Forget Who You Are” is his second studio album which was released in February, 2013. The album was produced by Ian Broudie and was released under the banner of Columbia records. The artist specializes in Indie rock, post-punk genres and the album also belongs to the pop genre. The albums length is thirty two minutes long and has eleven songs in the sound track.

The singles include “Taking Over”, “Don’t Forget Who You Are”, “Better Than That”, “Out Of Control”, “Bombshells”, “Tonight”, “What Condition Is In?” “Firein My Heart”, “You’re Gonna Get It”, “Give Up” And “Darkness in Our Hearts”.  The album was also released in the deluxe version. Which had bonus tracks included in it?

The songs are co-written by the song writers Andy Partridge and Paul Wellera long with the artist himself. The compositions are well thought but some they have the touch of the 60s, 70s and 90s eras. The artist Kane is seen writing about his own experiences of life in the album and have given them the form of lyrics of the songs.

He has explained his journey through his last band to becoming a solo artist while releasing his so albums.  The songs have melancholic effects and reflect depressive thought in, most of them. The title track though “Don’t forget who you are” is the one different from others. It has the chorus and pop tune of a true pop album song; it is an entertaining one and has god beats along with great background music.

The ideas of 90s give the classic view of British music of that era and take one to that time as well. The music is well thought and beautifully written, though it will take some time for the artist to go up the peak among the top artists of the music industry, the reason behind is the repeated pattern of songs, inability of creating new music and low compositions.

At parts of the album the melodies in the songs are really well which explains the hidden talent of the album and the ability of doing more work in a better way in the future.

The singer has created an album with his own flavors and has done quite a job in doing it. The songs are pretty amazingly written if you negate the view of having them as only melancholic and full of sadness for the better part of the album.

The  artist looks concerned with creating his own kind of music but he should keep in mind the choice of thepeople who listen to the music as well  because the people out there would be the ones who would make his album a success. So just doing the experimenting to please his own self will not give him any economic success in the future, we can expect a lot more from the artist in future.


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