DJ Snake – Let Me Love You ft. Justin Bieber



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  • Song Name: Let Me Love You
  • Produced By: DJ Snake
  • Artist Name / Band Name: DJ Snake
  • Featuring: Justin Bieber
  • Album Name: Encore
  • Release Date: August 4, 2016
  • Genre: Tropical House, Genius Canada, Electronic, Pop
  • Record Label: Interscope
  • Written By: Edwin Perez, Teddy Mendez, Steve Marsden, Lumidee Cedeno, William Grigahcine, Brian Lee (songwriter), DJ Snake, Carl Austin Rosen, Justin Bieber, Ali Tamposi, Louis Bell & Watt
  • Performance: Peaked at No. 47
  • Sampled In: N/A
  • Cover By:
    • Mantel by Julien Bam
    • Let Me Love You by Evol Walks
    • Let Me Love You (Cover) by Eric Bellinger
  • Remixed By:
    • Let Me Love You (Remix) by DJ Snake (Ft. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez)
    • Let Me Love You (Marshmello Remix) by DJ Snake & Marshmello (Ft. Justin Bieber)
    • Let Me Love You (R. Kelly Remix) by DJ Snake (Ft. R. Kelly)
    • Let Me Love You (Sean Paul Remix) by DJ Snake (Ft. Justin Bieber & Sean Paul)

DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber – Let Me Love You Review

The biggest awaited collaboration of the 2016s summer has arrived, as we see DJ Snake coming together by releasing his newest single titled – Let me Love you, featuring the vocals of young Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber.

The Grammy nominated French DJ has been fairly active recently for his work on some top notch productions like “Bird Machine” and “Turn Down for What”. Until recently, the artist has worked with the likes of Diplo and Skrllex providing some excellent remixed versions.

In such fame and spotlight, the DJ was yet to release an official album. Not so long ago Snake disclosed his idea of a future album and saw the debut album – Encore to release.

Part of the album as the third track, Let Me Love You is a song written by a bunch of people including the duo themselves and released through Interscope Records on 5 August, 2016.

The single was officially leaked to the world through inside sources and thus expedited production on the official release to grab the attention and hype the track had already gardened.

The song became the highest searched single on LyricFind U.S. chart, leading from the No.1 position.

Additionally, the single has made a serious dent on the US billboard Hot 100 charts by debuting at No.12 position directly, going past competition like a knife through butter. Elsewhere in the regions, most of Europe saw the French-Canadian duo on the top 5 of most of all their music charts.

Having 40000 downloads till now in the UK alone, the single is all set to love you till the end of summer comfortably.

Let me Love you quite easily explores you through the electro-house vibes of Justin’s ‘Sorry’ with modern Boom beats, over highly entertaining synth pad usage and finger clicks. The song is a perfect example of Justin’s Smooth vocals over a new tune is engaging from the usual bore.

Snake produces a tune which sticks in between his work on ‘Lean on’ and the Chainsmoker’s ‘Don’t Let Me down’

Despite the familiarity, Justin brings a whole new level of vibe into the song, signifying solid flares of House infused EDM that ensures listener captivity. Expect it to get some good radio airplay time.

Lyrically the verses are honest, with Justin coming out strong and touching with his “Heaven’s a heartbreak away”

We expect the song to go along way out and rise up the charts exponentially. It’s hardly been two weeks since release. It’s nice to see Justin exploring, by being a part of different Genres and furthering his musical maturity.

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