Neils Children is a British band and they have been of the record since the release of their album in 2009. This new album named “Dimly Lit” is a new one in their collection and was released in June 2013.

The album was being recorded by the band in the whole year of 2012 and the recording places included Studio La Vache in Southern France. It was produced by Neil Children, John Michel Cross and Ayumu Matsu. The album was released under the banner of Boudoir Moderne.

The album has been divided into sides and forty three minutes long. The side of the album contains six songs while the second side contains five songs. Thus the total songs in the album are eleven.

The song in the side one include “At a gentle place”, “Edward the confessor”, “Dimly Lit”, “The beat of the boulevard”, “The way the web was woven”, and “Warm wave”. The second side of the album include “Never could be any other way”, “Telling”, “Trust you”, “Those who thought would, but who never will again”, and “What’s held in my hands”.

The band members include John Linger who is the vocalist, guitarist and the key board player of the band. Brandon Jacobs is at the drums. All songs are written by the lead vocalist John Linger. He has also previously written many songs for the band in the past so this is not something new for him. The band played for many shows after the release of the album in 2009 but did not work on the new album. After some time the Linger and Jacob went to France to see Damien Louchet who made a contract with them and they started on working on this album.

The music in this album is very different form the previous work of the band, which makes it a very unique album. Most of the times the band hesitate to turn towards something new and keep on performing on the area of their ease but this band has done the opposite of it and taken a big step ahead.

The music in this album is melodious like the way it was never made by the band before.  Many instrumental parts are being used in the album which is pretty evident for the one who listens to the album. The tunes of organ along with spectacular guitar performance have elevated the mod and grade of the album to a higher peak.

The fruit of all this work came in by the high critical acclaim by the critics of the music industry.The album was rated above average by the music magazines.  The critics have called the album both loud and quiet. It was also rated exceptionally brilliant by the critics as well. The album has a sense of maturity which is very appreciable. The band has taken a very fine step in the changing music industry and has proven that they can mold their style of music while making it a hit.


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