Almost every Demi by Demi Lovato album review emphasizes that this project is the young recording artist’s most mature and personal compilation to date. At the age of 20 years old, she has proven that she could take a more mature sound, an opportunity that some recording artists who are up to 10 years her senior could only wish they could also take.

Fresh from her outstanding stint on the US version of ‘The X-Factor,’ she is now back to focus on her fourth album. In this one, she lets out a roller coaster of various emotions by using different styles and tempos from bratty breakup songs to epic power ballads. She has proven that she is not just a flash-in-the-pan young Disney star. Here are some outstanding cuts that make this album worth listening to.

Heart Attack’ is the perfect opening track because it puts her in a somehow tricky gray area. In the song, she projects an image of a dominant heart breaker, who finally finds the one who takes her off her feet. Any listener could sense the confusion she is intending to convey amid a flurry of drums, guitars, and vocal harmony.

Most reviewers agree that ‘Without The Love’ has the most enjoyable hook in the entire album. The heartfelt lyrics are accompanied by detailed and lush production, which in turn is highlighted by strings soaring amid plucks. She sneers gleefully as she pitches out a simile typical to Joe DiMaggio.

Neon Lights’ take her to the club lyrically as well as sonic-ally. It has produced mixed results: blinking synthesizers combined with clomping bass that boost the young singer’s power. This song is mostly electro-pop, which can be comparable to the effervescence of Rihanna’s single ‘We Found Love.’

Are you looking for a cool breakup song? ‘Two Pieces’ could be a cinematic anthem that should be performed while the singer stands outside an ex-lover’s home as the rain pours unstoppable. Here, she uses quiet verses to store her vocal energy in time for the refrain.

Everything about ‘Something That We’re Not’ simply works. Any listener may rave about the bratty “Hey!” as interjection, the revved up lyrics, and the guitar lick. Who would ever neglect her delirious and engaging delivery of the track? It is a song that is expected to be a massive radio hit.

Warrior’ sets the tone down, perfect as an ending track for the album. If you liked her past single ‘Skyscraper,’ this could be its appropriate follow-up. In the lyrics, she has described herself as a phoenix, which has just risen from the ashes. It could easily be one of the most impressive tracks in the CD.

Overall, as most Demi by Demi Lovato album review articles emphasize, her fourth studio album has taken a lot of risks. Luckily, she has worked out well in most of those. She has just cemented her status as a recording artist and singer. While her contemporaries are focusing on being glamorous and popular, Demi Lovato seems to be concentrated on improving her craft.


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