Tarja Turunen is a Finish singer and song writer. She also composes songs and has been working from quiet long now.  She is famous for her unique style of singing and vocal range of three octaves. She specializes In Symphonic metal, Rock, crossover, alternative rochand classical music.

She recently released her album in the end of august 2013 by the name of “Colours in The Dark”. This is her fourth album. The album is released in America, Australia, Japan, Finland and Spain this month while it will be released later in Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. It was produced by Tarja herself and Mic while it was released under the label of Earmusic and Universal music.

The album was recorded in a period of twelve months or so. During the recording of the album she also performed on various concerts and music shows. The recordings of all the songs began in 2012 while continued in 2013 just before the release of the album.

The singer revealed the names of the songs time by time by on her blog and told her fans that she was working on the album.

This album is 61 minutes long is regarded pretty long. It contains ten sound tracks but most of them are longer than five minutes. All of the songs are written by Tarja herself, except one which is written by Peter Gabriel,  along with that some of the songs are co-written by other song writers as well.

The tracks include “Victim Of Ritual”, “500 Letters”, “Lucid Dreamer”, “Never Enough”, “Mystique Voyage”, “Darkness”, “Deliverance”, “Never Light”, “Until Silence”, And  “Medusa”. Other than these there was a special edition launched, and a limited box set edition, which contained an album, a t shirt, a poster and the album itself, which is quite a treat for the fans.

The album received mostly very positive reviews from the critics of the music industry. The album got above average rating on most of the review magazines and websites. Along with this the title song of the album also managed to mark its position in the 100 billboard. The critics told that the album was well written and had the feel of stage music throughout the tracks. The singer has done a superb job in the vocal session.

She has justified her three octave vocal quality of voice throughout the sound tracks.  The music is well matched to her voice and her voice remains prominent in it, instead of getting lost in the high music. The album also has the fascinating touch of strong and rocking sound.  The music is far better than, it was expected. It is certainly her best album so far. The singer has sung all the songs in her own style for which she is famous. The style of classic along with pop music suits her well and she has definitely proven herself once again by getting the best out of her in the album.


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