Hardcore Superstar is a Swedish hard core band.The album specializes in hard rock and sleaze rock kind of music.  The album “C’mon take on me” is the ninth album of the band.  The album was released in February, 2013. The first single of this album was released in November 2012 by the name of “one more minute”.   After that the second single “Above the law” was released on January, 2013.

The album is forty six minutes long and has twelve songs. The songs include “Cutting the slack”, “C’mon take me in”, “One more morning”, “Above the Law”, “Are you gonna cry now”, “Stranger of mine”, “Won’t take the blame Pt. 1”, “Won’t take the blame Pt. 2”, “Dead man’s shoes”, “Because of you”, “Too much business”, and “Long time no see”.

The vocals are given by JockeBerg, Vic Zino was the guitarist, Matin Sandvik was on the bass and Magnus Andreason played the drums. The album was released under the banner of Sony labels.  Both the songs released first became a hit. The songs were both catchy, rocking and had the true flavor of hard core band in them.

The second song “Above the law”, also became hit and was listed into top charts. The song had a great sense of music and the lyrics were rocking as well. The song also had a touch of pop to it.  The album was expected to do better than “Split you lip” which was the band’s eighth album. This album is great but might be lacking a little to be needed to go for big hit.

The vocals in this album are also of great quality. The lead vocalist and the sub vocalist have put their all efforts in making the songs hit. The vocals look aware of their ranges and have produced the finest rocking vocals needed for a metal rock album of this kind.

The album is also praised for its great and entertaining lyrics and displays the essence of rock music. The album, if not is like the previous one, but is also not anything less than the older one. The album and its tracks are rockier and having more metallic music to them.  This is exactly a band should be like. The band has earned repute after the release of this album and looks like having more into it.

The ninth album might not look exactly like the previous works done by the band hardcore superstar but is also nothing short of great album. The album has been put forward with a lot of hard work and the fans of this band will certainly enjoy this album.

The ones who like metal music but have never tried of listening to the music of this group can also become the fans by listening to this album. Thus in short this album has all the qualities which a hard metal rock album should have.


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