Rush is a Canadian rock band and “Clockwork Angels” is the nineteenth studio album of the band.  The album was released in June 2012 under the banner of Anthem and Road runner.  The album was released in Australia, US & Canada and in the Europe in June 2012 with the gap of a day or two.

The album was recorded in Nashville and Toronto starting from 2010 till the completion in 2012. It was produced by the band Rush along with the collaboration of the famous producer Nick Raskulinecz.

The band specializes in making Progressive rock and hard rock band and the same kind of music is introduced in this album. The band members include Geddy Lee who is the lead vocalist, Bass guitarist, Alex Lifeson who is at guitars and Neil Peart who plays the drums.

The album “Clockwork Angels” is a sixty six minutes album and has 12 tracks in it. The tracks include “Caravan”, “BU2B2” , “Clockwork Angels”, “The Anarchist”, “Carnies”, “Halo effect”, “Seven cities of gold”, “The Wreckers”, “Headlong Flight”, “BU2B2”, “Wish them well”, and “The Garden”.

In March 2010 the band members announced on the TV at news channel that they were preparing for their upcoming album which will be released soon after its recording. At the summers 2011 they announced that six songs of the album were finalized and the album will be released soon.

After that they went on to their tours and recorded the album sided by side. Finally in late 2011 the first song of the album was released following the release of second song as well. Later on the full album was launched in 2012 which was a very much anticipated album.

The critics reviewed the album mostly with positive remarks; the album managed to make an entrance in the billboards and stayed there for a week long. The song was liked by the fans and the critics of the music industry both.

The songs were regarded as epic and the album was called the piece of art assembled by the band members.The songs “Clockwork Angels”, “The wreckers” both were esteemed highly and the band was appreciated for the effort they have put in both of the songs.  The songs had effective drumming by the lead drummer along with great instrumental music in the back ground that made the songs joyful to listen.

The band has come up with a grace full attempt and has shown their true talent in the album also. Their music certainly rock as always with very fine lyrics. The vocalist has done quite a job in balancing his vocals with hard rock music at the background.

The guitar playing in the album is a truly a treat to listen and the album has put forward the highest sales in the year as well. It might be regarded as the finest rock album of the year which might be explained by the number one position of this album in the Canadian album charts.


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