Marnie Stern is a very famous American musician. She also does song writing and has earned a lot of fame for her guitar playing. She is most famous for her guitar playing along with the tapping style. The album “Chronicles of Marnia” is the fourth album by the singer. The album was released in March, 2013 under the labels of Kill rock stars. The album was produced by Nicolas Vernhes.

The album is of thirty four minutes and has ten songs in it. The songs in the album include “Year of the glad”, “You don’t turn down”, “Noonan”, “Nothing is easy”, “Immortals”, “The chronicles of Marnia”, “Still moving”, “East side glory”, “Proof of life”, and “Hell yes”.

The artist has done a great job in this album.She has done a kind of work that she hasn’t done before. Through some of the songs the frantic tapping and guitar playing of the artist for which she is so famous is not to be heard anywhere, instead the singer has sung the songs in a totally different way than before.

She has lowered her voice and has changed the voice to a level that it has a more depressive and melancholic touch in it. Every song of this album is different from the other. The song “Hell yes”, she has come up in her previous avatar.

She is playing the song loud enough to be a rock type song, along with playing the guitar in the way she is famous for. The frantic guitar playing and the loud singing have made a song a true rocking one.

All through the album she has Marnie has shifted her voice from the lower tone s to the higher ones with an ease. Her voice is controlled and eased out. She has maintained her voice very well, along with that she has turned the voice into the mood of song needed for the song needed.

She has kept it in the angry tone, busy tone, sad tone, and in frantic mood as well.  The music is really nice and incredibly related to the lyrics. The music and compositions are very accurately balanced and are one of the reasons of the flow of the album.

Due to her tapping technique that she usually uses the music being introduced is fast paced and takes music of the album to a totally new dimension. The tone in the album used is really different and changing throughout the album.This album in short is a fully organized and creatively written piece by the artist.

The guitar playing in the album is out of other world and the music has done great among the music lovers due to her creativity. The artist has given her best in the album and had tried to reach her fans through her true talent. This is regarded as a very good piece of music by the critics and fans both. And if you are a fan of Marnie you will surely love this album.


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