Chasing The Saturdays is the first US album of the group of a reality show named The Saturdays. This English _ Irish group is from London and has the following members, Mollie King, Una Healy, Vanessa White, Rochelle Humes and Frankie Sandford.  The band specializes in pop, electro pop and dance pop Genres.

Chasing The Saturdays is the fifth album of the group and is exclusively made to hit the US pop charts. The group has introduced songs that would be liked by the youth and pop loving individuals.  The first single of this album “30 days” was released in May 2012. The song is very amazing and has a very catchy tune but as explained by the group members, it has a very sentimental value attached to it and is very close to the hearts of all the girls of the band.

The song explains the feelings when a special one is not around and tells about the feelings experienced when the loved one again comes into one’s life.  The group was signed by the company Mercury records to have this album released in America and Canada.  This album or Extended paly is released only for American and Canadian fans of the group.

The album derives its name chasing the starts from the reality show on which the girls are working. The reality show is aired once on the weekend and shows the struggle of girls to finish an album, launch of an album in the United States of America along with finding a label for its launch.

The show became one of the most watched TV shows after its launch and has been aired since. The show shows the daily life of the girls and their hard work regarding this album. The album sold millions of copies in the first week and became one of the leading albums of the time as well.

After the release the group was called the biggest girl group of UK.  The group sold more copies of the singles and the album its self than the biggest ad next rival of them at the time of release. Timberlake was the one who had his album released with them, but the audience went for the album of the girls instead of buying the super star’s albums.

The album has a total of 5 songs and the length of the album is almost sixteen minutes.  The songs include “What about us”, “All fired up”, “Higher”, “Notorious”, and “Ego”. The songs What about us, all fired up and ego have been on top since their release. The album became a hit after the release and got positive reviews from the critics.

The songs entered the top hundred billboard of the pop and remained there for the first weeks. The fans liked the work of the girls as they have shown sweetness, purity, serenity and the flavor of original pop in the songs of the album. The album became very popular in youth and teens.


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