Chansons is a pop French album and was released by Outside model label.  the album contains twelve tracks including :Peteite Fluer”, “: J’ attendrai”, “melancolie”, ” |La Javanaise”, “Sous le ciel de Paris”, “En Septembre sous le pluie”, “N ‘oublie jamais ” .”Je cherche un homme”, “Wuand les hommes vivront d’amour”, ” ” Les  feuilies mortes”, “Plus bleu que tes yeux”, and ” Adie Foulards”. The songs included in the album are sung by Jill herself along with the collaboration of various artists such as Edith Piaf, Quebec, and Henri Salvador along with other renowned singers.

The album has romantic love songs which are brilliantly presented by the singer.  This album does not contain any dance numbers or hard rock tunes abut ah a very serene touch of the music. Jill has tried to sing in way that I very impressive and doesn’t look like it’s her first ever French album.

Even if the listener is non-french speaking he would definitely like this album due to sweet melodies and the momentum of the songs. The sound of the songs is enough to put you in a romantic a and sweet trance set by the singer herself.

This is her venture to go on the fully French mode and she has done a great job in it. The addition of her voice to the most feminine and slurry songs have given a total new experience to the listeners.

Her French is perfect , and her accent is flawless which makes the album more original and closer to the heart of the French listeners along with the non-french ones. Even if you don’t speak French this album would make you understand it. The purity of the words and the soft music is just right for the music loving ears.

The tunes of Petite Fleur and Melancholie are the true ones for the France lovers. It captures the listeners to the end and makes them feel what the singer wants them to feel, thus showing them, her own experiences.

The sings are classy and best for Valentine’s Day. The romantic tunes and the lovely melodies are must for the music lovers. It also does look as if it’s the first attempt of the singer. The Canadian artist has done a great job.

She has proven herself for all the praise and good reviews that she has gotten from the critics. The singer makes it look like she is singing in her own language with no mistakes to make.

The amazing vocal delivery of the young woman along with the classic jazz music at the back ground is all what the album has got. This is all which was needed to make this album a hit as well as a favorite for many. The singer has done a great job and looks like the album would have increased her fan list by ten folds. It is hoped that we will be listening to her again in French.


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